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SEGCOS’s Color Zen

It’s the Timberline spring edit you’ve been so patiently awaiting. Yes, it includes plenty of the Athlete.

Riders: jack cornell, evan sheridan, jeff holce and tucker brown –

Edit: andrew nagel

one of the founders of the internet.
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  • america

    jeff holce is the truth

  • boneyballsack

    holce is so underrated dude has the sickest style

  • Unc Tom

    I could name about 20 Tline kids that can ride that park better than those studs. “Drop.”

    • think b4 u speak

      so? let them do them DAAAMN

      • Unc Tom’s Brother

        YEAH! This edit needed way more spinning and corking. I have a friend that can do a 5 almost every try and he is better than these bozos!

        • Chamowski

          Damn a 5!!? Is he sponsored by Burton or Lib tech?

  • fondi

    fun as fuck

  • Satoru Iwata

    I get great pleasure of you like the company. Maybe some day we live to make Wii U 2!

  • mhssc camper

    one time at camp I asked Jeff Holce if he had any tips for learning bs lipslide and he spit into my mouth mid question

  • wessel

    I hope that wasn’t your toon link, jeff

  • hot chick big boobs

    what was all that shit popping up

  • Jerm

    The #summerofholce has begun.

  • Juicy J


  • nanraF

    Fuck yeah

  • nathan

    Anybody know the “OG bobby johnson” remix?

  • Jeff

    Now excepting applications for a sole mate.
    *Has to play Mario-cart

  • ?

    Why is everyone always on holce’s nuts?

  • Meowcat

    Such a love/hate relationship with Segcos. Always coppin the best jams, never able to locate them.

    • OG blackberry

      message andrew nagel on Facebook and hell probably just tell you all of them.. ever think of that?

      • popcorn

        Yea right OG bitch he’s off the grid man, like off of it

  • Andrew Nagel

    is high

  • Jeff Holce

    is and will always be my hero, and my red headed crush

  • bronze69k

    deadass this be my shit, yall toys be coining in on my style b. hop off, all this fanboy fuckery needs to get dusted.