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SEGCOS’s Color Zen

It’s the Timberline spring edit you’ve been so patiently awaiting. Yes, it includes plenty of the Athlete.

Riders: jack cornell, evan sheridan, jeff holce and tucker brown –

Edit: andrew nagel

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Comments (23)

  1. holce is so underrated dude has the sickest style

  2. I could name about 20 Tline kids that can ride that park better than those studs. “Drop.”

  3. I get great pleasure of you like the company. Maybe some day we live to make Wii U 2!

  4. one time at camp I asked Jeff Holce if he had any tips for learning bs lipslide and he spit into my mouth mid question

  5. I hope that wasn’t your toon link, jeff

  6. The #summerofholce has begun.

  7. Anybody know the “OG bobby johnson” remix?

  8. Now excepting applications for a sole mate.
    *Has to play Mario-cart

  9. Why is everyone always on holce’s nuts?

  10. Such a love/hate relationship with Segcos. Always coppin the best jams, never able to locate them.

  11. is and will always be my hero, and my red headed crush

  12. deadass this be my shit, yall toys be coining in on my style b. hop off, all this fanboy fuckery needs to get dusted.


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