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Insult To Injury- Romain Raynal vs Matt Weston

Snowboarding is all about creativity. Feast your eyes on these two gems.





Not everyone can be good enough at snowboarding to make a season edit worthy of People’s Court glory, but just about anyone can crash like a boss. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Giro to present a contest for the rest of us. Each week, two crashes will go head to head and your votes will determine who scores a Combyn helmet & Blok goggles  from Giro for their pain and suffering. Think these guys could have gone harder? Send us your slam to prove it.

Send all submissions to [email protected] (Please host it on vimeo or youtube and just send the link!) Or if you don’t have any good crash footy, just get ready to laugh at others’ misfortune.

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Comments (8)

  1. in the second video one of those plastic playhouses could be kicked into pieces easily, so first video was worse and he wins a brand new crotch cup and wrist guards

  2. That was the worst Nollie of my life…

  3. the first kid is the reason i never try that trick


  5. you had no right to be in the park and the other guy should never be out of mommy`s sight if you still have a doll house…… go back inside!!!!