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Cobrats – The Saga

The free movies are starting to flow, which begs the question, does anyone actually care about snowboarding right now?

Riders: Alex Mosler, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Philipp Güntner, Michael Miethig

Friends: Armin Tigges, David Struber, Simon Reichel, Flo Galler, Gerald Fuchs, Sebi Müller, Quirin Sander, Marlon Boeger

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Comments (6)

  1. sollllid

  2. Solid riding. Fisheye filming hurts my eyes tho.

  3. 12:08 zeached early off was proper as fuck

  4. I’d rather pay to watch this than the art of flight any day

  5. The friends section is heavier then the rest of the video…


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