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Rejected Edits


Grade: Incomplete

I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here. I’ve only been wakeboarding once and that shit hurt my wrists. I’m not sure how I feel about wakeboarding, however I can confirm that I am pro-getting drunk on a boat with babes so perhaps it has potential.

Schuss is Loose

Grade: C+

Creative lines
Fast paced
Less than 5 minutes long
Good vibes

Questionable Grabs
Lack of clips that cause one’s b-hole to pucker


Grade: C

Hahaha what the fuck. I mean.. it’s humorous. I suspect that a lot more went into the editing and smoking weed for this edit than the actual snowboarding. I know, it can be hard to drop hammers when you’ve been smoking. That shit is hard work and I feel like hard work and copious amount of quality nuggetry are kind of counterproductive. Perhaps consider reallocating your resources. Also the intro was a bit too long. An intro is like a handjob. It’s cool for a little bit but like, c’mon lets get to the good stuff.

sunburst ogs

Grade: D

Good lord this is miserable. I don’t even really consider this to be a snowboarding edit since more than half of the shots were of your friend’s faces. I don’t need to see that shit. Do you want to watch an edit of a bunch of random strangers faces? Didn’t fucking think so. Also, Why Wiz Khalifa? He makes shitty music. This edit seems really masturbatory. Hey, lets make a video of us all doing stupid rap video shit that isn’t really that interesting and throw a little bit of snowboarding in there. The thing is, I feel like I saw potential for some good riding but good riding was clearly not the subject of this edit. Better luck next year fellas. Also, how are you about to be running shirts that say “trill shit” and have the song be anything other than UGK, their members, or affiliates. Trill isn’t a word you can just throw around. It’s sacred and must be treated as such.

Last Session of the Season!

Grade: D

Once again, I see a bit of potential but it seems like this was filmed over the course of a one hour or so session. I know you can do better, fucking roll the dice! Do something sketchy! Do something desperate, that’s what your audience wants to see, some shit that they either can’t or wouldn’t do. Think of how many other people are out making park edits. Fuck, think of how many other sunburst edits are in this post. I feel like all you dudes just need to peer pressure each other into some really ridiculous shit. My general rule of thumb is that if you’re legitimately terrified of doing something, it’s good content. Try that out.

8-Year Old – Brooklyn DePriest

8 year old – Brooklyn DePreist from Sawyer Mahoney on Vimeo.

Grade: C+

Little kid edits are a strange product of the snowboard industry and I feel as if as a family, we need to address this situation. There are a lot of really young kids out there who rip, but I feel like no one really wants to watch their edits. However, I think it’s healthy to get young guns hyped to film because it promotes creativity. Additionally, I like the idea of kids getting psyched on filming and even more importantly, watching and paying attention to snowboarding. At the same time though, I don’t think kids should get a big head about snowboarding because their edits get attention as a result of little kid points. Especially when their riding isn’t exactly spectacular. What should we do with edits like this?

That being said, I think this kid is awesome. He looks like he’s having a lot of fun and that’s the most important thing of all. I think he has a bright future with lots of fun riding ahead of him as long as he keeps pushing himself while still enjoying snowboarding for the sake of snowboarding.

I don’t know the backstory behind this, and I’m not saying this is the case for him and his family, but it’s a total bummer when parents become over ambitious for their kids and push them too hard because I think it can ruin the magic of snowboarding. I think, as a community, we should have some sort of protocol for how we can promote kids to be hyped on snowboarding and continue to do it while, at the same time, not allowing parents to get too ahead of themselves. What do you guys think?

Good Work Brooklyn! Keep doing you buddy! Make sure to ask for all the newest snowboard videos for Christmas/your birthday, hard copies, from your local shop! Love them… study them… as those before you have done! If you come out to High Cascade this summer have your parents try to contact me and we can take laps!

Also, I think my era of doing rejected edits might come to an end soon. I’ve had a blast doing these but I think it might be time for me to pass the torch to someone else. If you’re interested shoot Brooke a message and we will begin the hazing process.

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[email protected]

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Comments (26)

  1. Wow shame on you for rejecting an 8 year olds edit! You guys suck! And Justin rides like a t-rex

  2. who shotguns anything with a key; let alone a lame ass can of Monster. Grow a sack, use your thumb like a real man, and slam a beer. Don’t worry about mommy and daddy they shotgun beers all the time when you are being hardcore at the mountain. God why is our son such a pussy.

    • i used to scorpion den i stoped doin dat zeachin shiv

  3. If were going to watch wakeboard cable park edits, at least post somthing thats worth watching…. like this—>

  4. hey hairless nut sack Kaesen’s the man and doesn’t belong in any rejected edits section….. sorry I don’t have all the money and sponsors to build set-ups like that, i just wanted to show with a little creativity wake boarding really isn’t that unaccessible, however if u fellow snow shredders want to watch some more quality wake boarding not done behind 100,000 dollar boats check these shred town boys out

  5. yo gotta give credit where its due to tha juicy j..

  6. “Yo dood weve got no babes in this tiny lame apartment… but weve got miller lite. Bettter get out the camera.”

  7. lolz at schussmeisters gettin after it at holiday valley