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Zeppelin Zeerip FULL PART

If you can make it past the sappy intro, Zeppelin Zeerip is pretty damn good at snowboarding on actual snow.

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Comments (30)

  1. Yeeeeee Pando representin. Zep is the man!

  2. dude that intro makes you a total fuckin fag. basically your name says it all. it says that you are a gay queer fag

  3. that back double 9 was fucked

  4. Fuck yeah good shit! It was nice to meet you in the trees at baker, even though you were preaching to me about avalanche safety

  5. This kid is the biggest douche in the game #farfromhome

  6. The inspirational and philosophical Travis Rice/Art of Flight opener really got me prepared for the kind of edit this would be…but seriously, this edit has some good riding which would have been sicker if Zeppelin wasn’t so stoked on himself all the time.


  8. Everyone should be stoked on themselves but not to the point where you think you are so much better and above others. We are all out there to have fun so keep the vibes fresh and keep the cool guy attitude at home.

  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I’ve really been working to get my chakras aligned since my injury. That break really gave me a great reason to get re-aligned with my passions!!!

  10. Damn, Baker road gap laid out backie was buck wild. well rounded with lines and jumps. Now come back to Baker with a splitboard and really access the goods.

  11. This kid reminds me of the villain in “No Country for Old Men”… I just hope he doesn’t start killing backcountry travelers with pressurized weapons

  12. JK lolz Zeppelin’s the man and he rips!

  13. i was totally stoked on zeppelin zeerips part, especially because he told me to be

  14. i was really excited to watch this edit because of the intro where i was under the impression that zeppelin is a true mountain man like myself……unfortunately, i was quick to realize that zeppelin is simply a poser mountain man who simply doesn’t adventure at all…. pretty sweet snowboarding though!

  15. Really unfortunate to see this kid achieving his dreams

  16. everyone stop being mean to my boy, zeppelin is an amazing snowboarder and a kind, caring person. you are all just jealous assfaces.

  17. Part was meh! That road gap was pretty legit though, tall ass mofo…..

  18. This shit was super gay. I could do any of it.

    Check out my super dope band.


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