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Under Dawgs Wish This Wasn’t the End

Colton Morgan is locked away in the editing room pumping out all the Under Dawgs edits they meant to make this season. So get hype, this week oughta be good. Here’s his take on Brighton closing day.

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Comments (10)

  1. jesse’s first time seeing boobs, besides that gayboi connor

  2. why are they closing? they have more snow than bear did all season.

    • the lakes at the top of brighton are part of the watershed. i believe the land is owned publically so they are forced to close through government regulations, whereas snowbird can stay open till late june cuz they are privately owned

      • no, snowbird is on public land, along with alta, and solitude. all the cottonwood resorts are on federal land

        • they close because jerks like you put stickers on all the chairlifts and they need a longer off season to get all of them off!

        • Brighton’s liability insurance doesn’t cover them after April. There was some talk of opening for one more weekend but they decided not to for safety reasons and to save operating expenses. Snowbird is able to stay open later because they have more terrain above 10,000 ft where the snow doesn’t melt as fast, but even Snowbird will only have a couple lifts operating in May.

  3. oh ryan there is something about you flicking your hair and just slightly moving your lips together that just makes me melt.

  4. Best Under Dawgs edit yet, Colt is the man.

  5. Homie definitely smacked the ish out of his face at 1:38

  6. “I mention my babygirl in the interviews now
    And I don’t bring the problems from the 90s into 2 thou”