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Bliss 3

Who ever would have thought Michigan would have one of the last open resorts in the country? They’re still going…

Shot on a Panasonic Gh2 And a Panasonic Hvx200a/Xtreme fisheye.
Shot at Cannonsburg and Hawk island in Michigan.
Photo/Thumbnail: Dominic Palarchio
Song: Skin of the night by M83
edited by Spencer Whiteman

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (16)

  1. R.I.P Hawk Island. At least Spencer gave it a proper burial with this edit.

  2. Awesome people. Awesome riding

  3. al pal your company is stupid and i hate you

  4. Xtreme isn’t always better… those fisheye shots makes my human eyes hurt

  5. RIP Hawk. Michigan will suck again.

  6. Fuck the Jehovah’s witness, i think michigan wants to be minnesota

  7. What do you mean jehovahs witness??


  9. Should have worked on keeping your place open instead of “filming hammers yo” see you all at Mt Brighton next year. I could use some rakers.

  10. Fuck you donner you and your park are proof god has a sense of humor


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