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Ham City Slammers // Ep 5

After Holy Bowly, where good vibes and good times prevailed, I found it hard to ignore this email from the Ham City Slammers.

Hey Yobeat.

I think that the Ham City Slammers deserve a post (just fuckin reject us). That may be a bold statement, but we work really hard for these edits. Most of us are in school, so we go up when we can and film all day to get the best shots. If you notice, we don’t put any bullshit in. No half-makes, no shots with disgusting filming. Bottom line is, we are kids in Colorado who know what’s up, and we’re making it happen. Give episode 5 a look and see if what I’m saying makes sense. All I’m asking is that you give us a shot.

So, you guys be the judge, did we blow it by not posting these?

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Comments (33)

  1. An edit out of Colorado with shots of people doing actual rail tricks? Well, shit, I can get behind that


    Can’t believe you would post some shit like that (awesome snowboarding, horrendous editing/filming/song choice) then shoot some poor CO kids down who fit in just fine with your whole “I’m trendy as fuck” vibe you’ve got going on.

    Chill out on that midwest/eastcoast/westcoast BONER/WETVAGGGG.

  3. hooray for people in summit that actually get it!

  4. Good thing they didn’t put this in the mash up or we would be even more embarrased

  5. Yeah I bet they have to beg girls for hand jobs too

  6. its laughable that u said there was no shitty filming. but most of that riding was sick

  7. Drink a couple cold ones and just chaa-illl.