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Get Well Soon: Jeremy “Lemi” Landy

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We are sad to report that life-lover, snowboarder and all around good dude, Jeremy Landy fell and hit his head on a rock April 20th, at the Gremlin Games. He was airlifted to Reno and is currently in stable condition.  Halsey Beldon posted this info on Facebook.

I have an update on Jeremy Landy. I just got off the phone with his nurse. Jeremy was flown to Renown Regional Medical Center yesterday. He currently is “very drugged up” to quote the nurse. He has some bleeding on his Brain and the surgeons are watching him closely and hoping they do not need to operate. He knows his name when he comes conscious, and has 5 broken ribs on his left side. His vitals are stable. A long way to go but positive news. To mail him cards and well wishes here is the address:

Renown Regional Media Center
1155 Mill Street
Room number S119

I hope this helps everyone. I will be calling the nurse on Wednesday again for another update. Keep praying for our homie.

We’re sending positive vibes to one of the most positive people in snowboarding! You got this.

A fund has been set up to donate towards the lofty cost of his recovery. If you’d like to help: Click here.

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Comments (16)

  1. Always a bummer to hear news such as this, get well soon Lem!

  2. I was at the previous grem gamez. They are always so fun but there are always rocks and tree’s you gotta dodge when your hauling ass! Get well soon man! Sending pos vibes!

  3. prayers from the rand family.

  4. Wear a helmet!
    and get well soon Jeremy!

  5. when is it going to become “cool” to wear helmets? This shits not cool. It’s terrible. Get well soon Jeremy, hope you make it out 100% your buddies should start wearing helmets.

  6. i dont even know this guy personally, but his positivity has affected me. good thoughts comin your way for recovery man.

  7. ^couldn’t have said it better myself. positive vibrations heading your way homie, get well soon.

  8. My prayers and vibes go out to you and your loved ones. Get well soon!

  9. Love you so much Lemi, my prayers go out to you and your family.

  10. Get well soon mi dood sendin good vibez n prayers yer way G! stop harrassin bout helmets.. step off .

  11. are gay as fuck so instead of bitchin bout them now it obviously wont change shit about what happened to our dude lemi so send good vibes and pray then try n lecture some gay shit

  12. just sent $10,376 his way. thanks for all your help guys, much love


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