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5 Reasons why the Holy Bowly was better than Coachella

Gallery: Cole Atencio. Additional photos: Justin Parkhurst. 


I am all out of Jizz. I just jizzed all day everyday, and now I am out. The Holy Bowly is the best. thing. ever. If mountains built courses like this instead of a super pipe, snowboarding might “progress” in a way that is more satisfying to its constituents. Amidst this week of snowboard bliss, I was reminded occasionally via social media that this week was also Coachella. Now in case this isn’t obvious to you, I am going to explain why Holy Bowly destroys Coachella.

Howly Bowly is an international gathering of creativity and flow


Max Warbington tore this course a new one.

Coachella is an international gathering of wanna-be hipster Los Angeles chads.

The fast times are free.


Everything is coming up Krugmire.

Why stand around in the heat and pay an arm and a leg for drugs and booze, on top of the cost to get into the place when you could be taking hot laps and dipping into your hidden ice cooler of frosty brews?

There were still hot chicks here

I heart mama hades.

That is if you like snowboard chicks or the fake-looking Monster Energy type. Shout out to the #monstergirls

You can chill with the legends

Sage, a legend in the making.

Fuck a backstage pass, just follow Jamie Lynn or Chris Roach through the bowl and try and survive.

The sight seeing is top notch


Nick “pops” Poplawski gave the ladies what they wanted today…even if they didn’t know they wanted it yet.

Also, there was snowboarding. Try pulling that off in the So Cal desert. Thanks are in order for Krush Kulesza, Jeremy Cooper and everyone else who made this event possible. We’re not ones to blow smoke, but this was hands down the best non-contest ever.

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Comments (19)

  1. the goon always looks goodie, keepin steezy with that 90’s brimmed beenie.

  2. So can anyone ride this setup? All the posts keep talking like its open to everyone.

    • Today it is open to the public.

  3. mom makes these special easter day brownies that actually lets you feel the power of our mighty savior’s return, he has risen, risen to new depths of highness

  4. only reason i’m on the fence is that jay z came out for nas, but yeah apart from that holy bowly has it

  5. Yeah Gay-Z got some rasin lips. rap game sun maid

  6. Monster girls – siamese twins?

  7. Better than Coachella. That’s the standard?

    Fuck that fuck you and fuck you too.

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