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Winners Announced: 686 x Yobeat Mittens


Our friends at 686 make some pretty sick mittens. So when they offered to make us a few pairs with whatever we wanted to scribble on them, needless to say, we were hyped. At long last they have finally arrived and to celebrate, we’re gonna give a few pairs of the 25 in existence away. ¬†Here’s how to win:

1. Send an email with your name, address and mitt size (s,m or l) to [email protected]¬†

2. Follow @yobeat and @686 on Instagram, then post a picture of your current mittens or gloves on Instagram with the tag #yobeatapparel 

3. Like the post on our facebook, then comment what size mitts you want if you win.

A day late and a dollar short the winners are: Jake Mandirola from Hartford, CT, Paul Landowski from Sussex, NJ and Cory Wilson from Seattle or something (send me your address homey!)

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  • fucked

    I will never buy or wear Yobeat gear due to the fact that I have to follow their instagram and like their facebook in order to even enter … weak shit

    • admin

      Well actually there is an option to just email for people who don’t do social media. Xoxo

      • Suck It

        Ya you tell um Yobeat!!!!

    • Zach

      It’s even weaker to bag on one of the few companies that still do it for the fun and enjoyment. Apparently you are not a part of the right snowboard community we call family.

  • chet

    did I win yet?

  • Cracraftc

    Mannnn, you guys should sell them. I would be 45+ pairs.

  • Lee

    You should def hurry up and announce me as the winner, quit keeping everyone from waiting and thinking it’s them!

  • malarky

    What’s a guy gotta do for you to give him some free shit every once in a while. God damn jabronies. You guys are acting like a bunch of no good skiers.god damnit. Fuck.