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Insult To Injury- Calvin Green vs Matt Rearden

It’s a harsh world out there people. These two guys find out first hand and get worked. Help one of them out by voting for which crash is worse.


Not everyone can be good enough at snowboarding to make a season edit worthy of People’s Court glory, but just about anyone can crash like a boss. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Giro to present a contest for the rest of us. Each week, two crashes will go head to head and your votes will determine who scores a Combyn helmet & Blok goggles  from Giro for their pain and suffering. Think these guys could have gone harder? Send us your slam to prove it.

Send all submissions to [email protected] (Please host it on vimeo or youtube and just send the link!) Or if you don’t have any good crash footy, just get ready to laugh at others’ misfortune.


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Comments (18)

  1. Im sorry Calvin the other dudes looked so bad

  2. anonymous dude’s name is matt rearden. great job on that research! could’ve just watched the whole video…

  3. I peed on your bed last night Calvin

  4. Damn that nigga got laid out !

  5. the dudes casually like yo if it’s my nose don’t worry about it i broke it the other day

  6. I saw the aftermath of Matt’s crash from the lift. Ski patrol was trying to revive him for a couple of minutes and got his board off. Then he walked about 40 feet before passing out again. Give it to him. (Of course at the contest there was a 8 year old girl giving it as hard and not getting KO’ed)

  7. @8======D

  8. these are fucked if randy did these so many cheese burgers would come out of his greasy ass

  9. Calvin green knows where the white women are

  10. the second dude is from canada. you can tell because of their weird accents and their weird language that sounds like english ehh?

  11. Hey Matt, you know what will get the blood off your face?

    If you lick my fucking butthole, pussy…

  12. My name Is Matt Reardon not Rearden lol

    DABraMurphy hey ya I am a pussy. shoulda gone faster on that switch BS gap over. Ya man send your GF over and I’d be happy to do that to her!

    Good effort on that rail Calvin Green!!

  13. 4k $ dentist bill for that bail lmao. no bennies gotta save up pay cash

  14. I swear to god, I will ride you switch over your cute little pussy gap! 😉

    PS: I. Am. No. Man.

  15. me too robbie but i like them small

  16. That’s what you get for hitting boxes “tough guy”


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