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Shaun White to Focus on his Music, man


So we already knew he was in a band, but according to a somewhat-cryptic post on Facebook, Shaun is apparently moving away from snowboarding to focus on his burgeoning music career. That’s all we know, continue to speculate on your own.


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  • squares

    cya shitwad

  • jesse rand

    At least i gotta chance to snake his bitch ass.

  • Tom Brokenjaw

    This is news? Who gives a shit? Why is yobeat all over his nuts rather than ignoring his ass and focusing on the next generation of rippers? When he starts doing some backcountry powder porn he might get relevant again. Why you always wanna pretend you’re not licking his lower left nut sack?

    • To Be Honest

      Because im actually on his upper right nut sack, im a right side kind of guy you know…

    • bull plop

      you found this on yobeat, its definitely not news you dumbass fatherfucker

  • David Z

    I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1. Dude doesn’t even hit handrails how good can he be lol

  • jeff the red haired intern


    :) who wants to be online editor at transworld? u r all qualified.

  • ploops

    Yeah, fuck this guy for following his dreams and doing what makes him happy!

  • Danny Glover

    I hope Shaun White does well with his music career to continue shitting on you broke ass niggas



  • Jo
    • TWBiz

      Shoot, Hondo’s moms video got leaked. We need that on our FEATURED videos page!!!

  • Brendan Barry

    I mean, it worked out pretty well for Jereme Rodgers

    • Ryan

      ^best yobeat comment ive ever seen

  • 69’n with satan

    shaun white rollerblades

  • http://none question for the staff

    i heard in his comeback he will become a backcountry powder hound teaming up with the ususal suspects doing triple corks off backcountry booters in tight ass pants. Then he will ruin the backcountry scene.