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The Brighton Perspective- Cam Pierce

Cam Pierce has been riding Brighton for a long time. He knows every spot and every transition and rides with a powerful, irrefutable style. So giving Cam the opportunity to shoot at Brighton for a whole month was a no brainer. And coincidentally the park has been on point and firing. This outta be pretty good.

Mia Lambson who shoots all of The Brighton Perspective video parts had this to say about Cam, “throw some Beer, hip hop, Tinder, a few bad jokes and snowboarding into a proverbial blender, and pour yourself a tall glass of Cam Pierce. Spending just a few moments with this Justin-Timberlake-looking rascal, it’s clear that he’s all about a good time. When there’s work to be done, however, a switch is flipped and you can watch Cam’s rowdy energy being channeled into laying down some seriously ballsy maneuvers. Weather you’re laughing on the chairlift, or watching him snowboard, Cam knows how to get people stoked.”

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Comments (6)

  1. that Last gap will blow your pants off in person
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  2. Erik Overson’s rodeo tho…
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  3. Cam Pierce is da nigga in charge!
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  4. Yeah Cam that was sick! From 280 angel st to the Intrawebs!
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  5. Is this JP Walker????
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