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Under Dawgs at Trollhaugen

The Trollhaugen locals have the video game on lock, but it’s always fun to see what happens when other people go there.

Riders: Jeffy Gaberick, Gus Warbington, Brady Lem, Braydon Bartley, Austin Young, Boody, Jesse Gouveia, Corey Schneider, Blake Geis, Danimals

Edit: Colton Morgan

Additional filming: Brendan Barry

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Comments (7)

  1. i used to watch foundation that’s life everyday

  2. but can Jesse Gouveia please quit trying to film snowboarding? he looks heinous

  3. just another video of tricks that have all been done by the troll hill rats..

  4. There’s a chairlift at troll??

  5. these comments made me proud


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