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Cooper Whittier Gets It

At 12-years-old, Cooper Whittier has snowboarding figured out. Now if he can just learn to tweak those methods.

Edit: Ben Bishop

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Comments (12)

  1. “If you’re not having fun, well that’s just transportation.”


    Damn you inspirational pre-teens!

  2. i think this is super rad, but is anyone else tired of hearing “Snowboarding is all about having fun and riding with your friends”? i totally agree with that but it has become so cliche’

  3. but he for sure knows whats up

  4. is this devun walsh’s child?

  5. Style comes with time young one. Learn to Poke those grabs baby boiii

  6. the weird thing is this kid kills it on skis too.

  7. sickest part about this dude is that hes not riding a tiny board. looks like hes trying to handle a bigger stick. KUDOS

  8. alex kirkland is 11 and better than u

  9. Kids an inspiration! and he’s got the right attitude. but if its all about having fun with your friends WHERE ARE ALL YOUR FRIENDS?!