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A Waterville Valley Double Feature

Although it is geographically impossible, Waterville often stands in the shadow of near-by Loon. But don’t be fooled, if you like sliding on metal and plastic, and are in the Lakes Region, you’d be foolish to pass it by. Here’s a couple videos from the locals to prove it.

Riders: Kyle Cross, Bryan Watson, Bar Dadon, Bryan Harper, Luke Mathison, Chris Weston ,Zack Normandin, Steve Bryan,Andrew Aronson, Dan Noonan, Dennis Filteau
Film/Edit: Brent McCarron
Additional Footage: Adam Metterville

Riders in order of appearance-
The Stephen Bryan
Bryan Harper
Nate Carroll
Brent McCarron
Tim McLaughlin

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Comments (2)

  1. the slaughterville edit reminds me off something……ooooo thats right MIke Ravs snark video

  2. that song…… why did anyone ever allow for the song in the first vid.