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Bet You Can’t- Keystone

Ben Elliot attempts a backlip 270 out on the Z RAIL at Keystone. Yea Ben. That was like, so steee.

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Comments (13)

  1. Damn, took him a sec but he layed that down. rahspect

  2. Pretty sick. It’d be better if more of the people were wearing a51 branded clothes though

  3. It’s their work uniform you plug

  4. i thought YAQUI boards were dead. Those boards blow!

  5. Blackbear at keystone? What is this.

  6. some of these have been whack but that shit was rawwwwww. damn.

  7. continuing two? first time ive herd that lingo brah

  8. what the fuck is a “continuing 2”??? Sounds like some skier shit if you ask me. No thanks.


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