Drunk on the Slopes!

Turns out marijuana is the only illicit substance effecting the safety and enjoyment of patrons at Breckenridge resort. The locals go under cover to expose yet another crisis.

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  1. Dorian Janney
    Dorian Janney says:

    love! Now are they gonna start blowing up all the lodges where people can get legally hammered? kind of doubt it… Personally, I would much rather have folks “high ” on the mountains than drunk. I’m just sayin’

  2. onterrible
    onterrible says:

    i bet if the resorts could charge people to blaze on the hill like they do for booze the they wouldnt make such a big deal about it…its all about makin bank

  3. hell yea
    hell yea says:

    more of these.lets see some drinking and driving. Or how bout some drinking and shooting? Fuck it lets get some law enforcement on the mountains asap.

    DRUNK BRIAN says:

    turn down fowr wutt itts sprung brake yoelo btichez., nerfernot dinkred onr thay sloreps. i luvf fowr locsoz. cummr t=oo biterrskeete an weear somethidn itight


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