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Dakine Welcomes Louif Paradis


Dakine is proud to announce the addition of long time accessory pro and incredibly talented snowboarder Louif Paradis to the Dakine outerwear program. Louif will play a pivotal roll in the future progression of our outerwear products and beyond.

“I couldn’t be more excited about joining the outerwear team. I’ve been on Dakine for 4 years or so now and it was a natural progression to expand our relationship and work together on outerwear too. They’ve always been very supportive of what I do with my snowboarding and have the resources to make top quality outerwear. They’re also super open to what I have to say and that’s huge. I really like to contribute with ideas and it makes the whole thing so much more satisfying.

With Peter Line designing and dudes like J-Rob, Victor Daviet and Elias on the team, the future is promising! -Louif Paradis “

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  1. Bonfire must be really hurting… did they go under? I heard they dropped Desiree and now they’ve dropped/lost Louif.

    Hopefully Louif and Peter Line can lead Dakine away from too-expensive lame outerwear for weekend warriors and dads.


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