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Chairlifts Are Starting to Attack


Every so often, you hear about an unfortunate incident where a chairlift derails, or runs backwards, or otherwise causes harm. One incident here and there is easy enough to ignore. But this past weekend, multiple lifts in North America showed signs that the great chairlift revolt may actually be coming to fruition.

The first instance was Saturday at 11:30 am PST at Crystal Mountain in BC (not to be confused with Crystal Mountain, WA, where the owners are who you should actually be afraid of.) An empty chair swung into a lift tower, falling six meters and causing the line to go off track and several other chairs to fall. Two people were seriously injured, but don’t worry, 15 others we evacuated without harm.


Then, on Sunday the seemingly much safer Magic Carpet at Raging Buffalo captured a victim in the form of a 17-year-old lift attendant. His arm was apparently caught in the gear shift, and his condition is currently unknown. Though sources report no children were injured, the resort was shut down for the rest of Sunday and remains closed today.

Guess we should all just go snow kiting instead to keep ourselves safe.

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  1. Nice one, Yobeat. As if ski resorts aren’t having enough trouble as it is with shitty weather and the economy, then you go post some sensational bullshit like this. WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON!