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KTC at Waterville

Filming is fun and all, but nothing beats laps with the pals. Except powder laps with the pals. But those aren’t nearly as entertaining to watch as this.

Featuring: Tommy Gesme, Derrek Lever, Johnny Brady, X, and Ian Hart

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Comments (13)

  1. Honestly that kind of sucked

  2. derrek looking like the fuckin caddy from happy gilmore

  3. I can confirm, colton is in fact, poor.

  4. there not b squad…there proabaly fucked up from hitting all the street spots theyve been hitting and wanted to have a mellow day in the park!

  5. yet another edit i didnt feel like finishing.

  6. wait til yu see our streetz footee. we R so much bettr at streetzs

  7. that skier kid in the beginning was probably a member

  8. i think this was all fucking sick and makes me wanna strapon and strapin.


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