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Rejected Edits: Olympic Edition


This is the part of the Olympics that the liberal media didn’t want you to see. The part of snowboarding that you can’t explain to your grandmother. The part of snowboarding.. without a home. So sad.

Southern Nights

Grade: B

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in New Zealand do street stuff so I guess you have that going for you. It was kind of limp-dicked though. I have to give you some credit for not just hitting down-rails and flat-rails like a lot of other small crews do. You got creative with it. However, that doesn’t excuse the sogginess of it. Also the editing and song choice was super fucking cheesy and I literally hate it. The only way I can imagine liking it is if I were to anally ingest a fuck load of molly. I’ve been out of the techno scene since the 90’s so that’s not going to happen. Sorry gents.


Grade: D+

The intro to this made me very anxious. This may have been a result of the spookiness of it, which, I applaud, but it also probably has a lot to do with the fact that it was really long. I’m always down for some gory zombie clips but your snowboarding edit didn’t really have that much snowboarding in it. It’s as if somebody took all the Oreos out of the package, licked the frosting off and put the unsatisfying cookies back in for someone else to deal with.

Backyard edit 2013 clay n squeak

Grade: C-

I dig this edit! Not so much the trick selection and the features, but rather the goal they seem to be trying to accomplish. The video’s description explains that this edit was filmed in a backyard park that was built by some fellas who just really love snowboarding. They go on to invite anyone else in the area to ride their setup with them and are asking for anyone who may have features to contribute to their park! I think that’s pretty fuckin’ cool. They put their contact info in the description as well, so if anyone from around Laurel, Montana is down to have some bad ass hiking sessions you should watch this video and hit them up!

Triple F#1: Gangsta’s Christmas

Grade: B+

Fist Fuck Fridays, huh? Welp, that’s gotta be the best crew name I’ve seen while doing rejected edits. Your party shots weren’t half bad! I feel like most people just go with the classic “look at us drinking and smoking” shots but you definitely went above and beyond that. Did I see a guy casually puke onto someone else? Backing it. Also having doomed your friend on that firework toss was fuckin’ gold! I guess just work on getting more interesting riding shots in your edit, get creative! Down rail shots get old pretty fast! Fix the audio too, it’s all fucky.

Holdin End$

Grade: No credit given due to plagiarism.

Did you think that we weren’t going to notice that this is a direct rip off of Jake Durham’s stuff? I mean, I get it, everyone is influenced by someone else, and I think that’s totally fine! However, this is straight up copying. You changed “BU$TED” to “STACKED”, used the same intro graphic, and tried to make it look all VHS-like. I can’t help but think that it took just as much work and know-how to make this edit look like a makefriendsordie edit as it would to have done something unique. It doesn’t make sense to me! You’re lucky I don’t expel your asses from school! For now, we’ll just call it 2 week’s of lunch detention. Don’t let me see any half-assery like this again! Now get to class!

The Junkyard

Grade: D+

I feel like there should be a name for this kind of edit. I think I like the phrase “trash-humper edit”. It’s just a bunch of friends dickin’ around riding on trash. I know I’ve made some trash humpers in my day. As a matter of fact, I still enjoy humping trash! The thing is there are so many edits like this out there. You need to have something that makes it stand out from the rest and unfortunately I didn’t see anything like that in this particular edit. That being said, hump on, trash humpers.

The Runs ep. 1

Damn, this is one of the most impressive rejected edits I’ve seen in a hot Carl. I think this crew of guys has a bright future! However, this particular edit was just lacking in “what the fuck” moments. I think a featured edit should make you think or say “what the fuck” a good amount of times. I think it’s going to take more than some down rail/tube tricks to break on out of the rejected section. I mean, don’t get me wrong, those tricks were impressive, but I think you just need a little bit of extra oomf, perhaps something more creative. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with next!

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Comments (20)

  1. that edit biting makefriendsordie jus made my dick do a reverse bend into my ass

  2. I bet no one will watch this whole video without wanting to blow your brains out.. terrible

  3. Midwest snowboarding keeps our music relevant.

  4. Really riding that Bu$ted tip. Same transitions, same slow-mos, same filters, same music choice. You may have done everything MAKE does to the tee, but you will never be Durham.

  5. Regarding the fake Make Friends or Die…They were not the first do that shit, at all. People have been making edits that look identical to this for like 10 years. And before that, it’s just how shit actually looked. Make Friends maybe copied other people?? GASP! Before you get you’re little panties in a bunch, just know that no matter how “unique” you think you are, someone has already done it first.

    And not for nothing, these kids are like 14. At least they’re trying to make different and cool shit and not out there go-proing themselves and putting it to shitty dubstep like 75% of the other shitheads out there. I think that is worth something. So to those kids i say keep doing your thing playas, and someday you’ll find your own style.

    • Mike how dare you support these kids,

      They are not trying to be different at all, they literally are trying to copy durhams exact editing style, the riders exact snowboarding style, their clothing choice, music choice EVERYTHING. It’s literally identical, the ender was even the fucking same, just shittier. What the fuck is wrong with those kids, they are chumps, have no respect for originality, and aren’t even good at snowboarding. I’m pissed. JDs edits are my favorite, and any one else trying to copy that just plain sucks at life. They fucked up big on this one. They will pay!

      • While i understand why your panties are so bunched up from this, I don’t see it as a bad thing. Durham wasn’t the first to do that style of editing, or to “dress like that”. I think theyre just dressed like fucking kids that snowboard. I’d rather see kids doing more of this than other shit going on out there.

        I know a few people (who shall remain nameless) i know from back in the day that used to make edits that “looked like” other videos such as Love/Hate, because that shit was awesome. Those kids then found their own style, and have gone on to make some of the best videos out in the past few years. Like real videos…shit they get paid to do.

  6. Even if the Holden End$ edit got a grade, it was still Shit!

  7. I made holdin ends as a tribute to makefriendsordie because jake durham is a true g. I probably should have said that it was a tribute in the description because it wasn’t my intention to copy him and see if anybody wouldn’t notice. jake durham has made the best edits probably of all time and i respect him for that. he got his inspiration from skate videos almost no doubt so he did not start that style of filming/editing but he made it really good and popular. I wasn’t trying to take anything away from that, I was just wanting to make something out of the norm from all my other videos.



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