ThirtyTwo Spotcheck: Copper Mountain

ThirtyTwo heads to Colorado with Benny Urban, Jordan Small, MJ Arsenault, Zach Rawles and Dominik Wagner. Cameo intro with Dylan Alito.

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  1. wtf
    wtf says:

    Everyone in this video= a poor man’s Hobush. Half of this edit was on a down tube/rail. We have already seen every possible trick happen on a down rail/tube. Why the fuck do people bother with simple park edits when people like the Yagoons exist? If you can’t top it, don’t try… not to mention this video is supported by one of the top snowboard boot brands. Get creative or get gone dummies

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Yea this is aweful seeing people ride stuff that is easily accessible to the masses and having fun doing it… What a terrible way to promote your brand.

    • wtf
      wtf says:

      kids don’t care about carving and down rails. They wanna see tricks in the streets and creative tricks, which is good. If you sat the “masses” down and made them watch this edit, and then a more creative edit (Yagoons, Stuff from minnesota) right after, they would prefer the crazy shit. Get your head straight you square


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