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Mark McMorris’s Walmart Line “Triple Cork”


While some people still like to debate the soul of snowboarding and how we keep it, others, such as Canadian heartthrob Mark McMorris is doing what we’d probably all do if we could: selling it to the highest bidder. At least, we’d hope he’s banking some serious loot with his new Walmart children’s apparel line “Triple Cork.”

Most moms are familiar with the bright colours and loose fit that’s associated with snowboarding gear. But when the sport was invented about 40 years ago, the look was quite radical. Downhill skiers at the time were wearing snug, tailored jackets and pants on the slopes, and snowboarders did not want to blend in. Now influenced by the music scene as well as what works functionally on the hill (the bagginess is as much about freedom of movement as it is about fashion), snowboarder-style clothing is popular on the street and at the playground, too.

So what does Mark have to say for himself? In an article on the Walmart site he explains the name.

“It really represents me,” McMorris says of the collection of boarder-style tees and hoodies aimed at boys. He had a lot of input into the design of the clothes, injecting his Canadian pride into the logo, a stylized maple leaf.

“I hope it’ll make kids even more excited about snowboarding.”

Sadly, the line is only available at Walmart Canada, so looks like American children will have to rely on the Shaun White Target line to get stoked on snowboarding.



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Comments (41)

  1. if this is what Olympic silver gets you, then how long will it be before we start seeing Sage Kotsenburg-inspired, lightly-lick the cat-branded clothing in K-marts across America?

  2. I am so freakin’ mad right now.

    LOL, NOT!

    But it makes me sad.

    Just a little bit.

    It’s ok, I guess.

    But still, fuck these corps that makes snowboard look like shit.

  3. fuck you and your bullshit mtv ryan sheckler dreams, way to sell out.

  4. *lowest bidder. i could fuckin care less.

  5. Atleast Mark isn’t a douche like SWhite and isn’t making scooters…

  6. i say make the cash. you can be true to snowboarding and still have great endorsement deals. mark is a snowboarder, if you have ever met him you’d agree. is it best for the core portion of snowboarding…. hell no. but do we even care? i dont. i hope he has cash to live the rest of his life. how many of you people bitching dont own a house or car…..if you do how many of you had to finance them?…… how many of you would love to not have your 9-5 job?…’d all do the exact same thing. success breeds haters and jealously. make cash & snowboard the rest of your life without worries.

    sage may have won a gold medal but lets face it his shit is wack as fuck. no legit brand will touch him with a 10 foot pole. apo and nike…. give me a fucking break. #dontdoit

    • sage maybe wack but he could have any company he damn pleased, he just won the olympics and he’s on top of the world right now. any company would suck his balls to have him ride for them. i don’t know what you’re talking about, you sound stupid. bye.

    • wait, so why are apo and nike not “legit” brands. what exactly are the parameters for a brand to have legitimacy or not?

      can you also explain why sage kotsenburg is “wack”? is he “wack” because he won a contest that you wanted someone else to win? I’m not sure I understand how winning a contest could have such a negative impact on someone you don’t even know.

      everything you wrote is completely meaningless, so I’m just trying to understand what it is you’re trying to convey. oh, and the guy doesn’t have any solid contracts with any major brands, but at the same time he has solid contracts with two multi-million dollar companies? could you clarify what you mean here as well?

  7. “Lets rip on successful snowboarders”
    – yobeat

  8. “Let’s expose sellouts” suck my holy crail Justin’s bong
    -every real snowboarder

  9. “Let’s expose sellouts” eat my holy crail Justin’s bong
    -every real snowboarder

  10. a million dollars to put my name on some clothes, hells yes

    • no you mean to put triple cork on the clothes… it just shows you that Mark is only gonna be known for a triple cork and his whinny ass comment on the olympics ” Im the only one to have a legit triple cork in their run” – what a broke back bitch!

  11. I’m going to go buy those moon boots/jeans that the black kid is wearing.

  12. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Fucking bullshit sandwhich. Seriously what the fuck. We DO NOT need another snowboarder with a clothing line at a mega-store. I’m very disappointed in this.

    • why exactly do we not need another snowboarder with a clothing line at a large national retail chain?

      did we need snowboarders to not have a clothing line at a large national retail chain?

      what is this collective “we” that you speak of and what impact could the sale of children’s clothing possibly have on this collection of people?


    good luck saying no to that.

  14. yo whatever f*** it if he’s going to make that bank let him do it he still more legit than anything ever happens on yobeat I’d rather look at a website that germ posts on who is a huge b**** and also f*** the image that all you b**** ass Salt Lake City pussys are trying to make

  15. let me clarify this f*** Jeremy he just salty Cuz he didn’t get that reel como money and Mark mcmorris ain’t no Shaun white who is a bitch, Mark just trying to get that money funk it

  16. let me clarify this f*** Jerm he just salty Cuz he didn’t get that reel como money and Mark mcmorris ain’t no Shaun white who is a biiitch, Mark just trying to get that money funk it

  17. What are you guys talking about ? Those tees are sick. Just wish they had men’s size. Although a boys husky may have to suffice.

  18. Nicolas Mueller rides for nike. anyone give a fuck? dudes 100% about soul shredding pow with his backyard homies, anyone ever hate on him, ever? of course not, dudes hella rad and got the steeze for days, so no one thinks about it. motherfuckers head to toe burton and nike. whos saying shit?
    so lets all just hate on kids riding contests on a global schedule so they need sell out sponsors to fly their asses around the world?

    the selling out issue we need to address doesn’t lie with personal athletes who try to improve their income, its the corporations offering contracts to land a transworld ‘good wood’ sticker, its the once-core brands and events bowing down to foreign investors, allowing for biased judging and media propogation.
    haters need to educate yourselves before you post shit. you just sound stupid.
    Justin bong sounds a lot smarter than some yuppie from upper new York who loads up on a red bull before blasting through his ‘epic’ ankle deep aspen turns on a ski-branded board, all while his goPro captures his every moment of mediocracy and name brands. 3 months into his first full season, hes an expert and feels like he can slam the industry from the comfort of his hanes.
    mcmorris in walmart? sucks.
    triple corks getting more play than back 1s? really sucks.
    Silje Norendal? hear she sucks too….

  19. fuk triple cork get this nigga some south pole and phat farms

  20. I ain’t even mad. Sell out – Get that Shaun white money brah.

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