Working for the City 2 FULL MOVIE

Enough about the fucking Tomato. Watch this movie and remember just one of the many things that are good with snowboarding.


Cole Linzmeyer
Jordan Daniels
Cullen Bernklau
Sam Bakken
Colin Wilson
Aidan Flanagan
Jesse Paul
Alek Binder
Jake Moore
Justin Fronius

Filmed & edited by:

Brett Spurr
Sam Duncan
Jon Stark
Chris Duncan

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  1. TWBiz
    TWBiz says:

    Although major corporations and television broadcast companies will never admit it, WFTC2 gives us a glimpse into what real street snowboarding is, unlike the X Games real snow competition.

  2. boardjumpz
    boardjumpz says:

    These guys are shitting on almost all the “professionals” of snowboarding, and they’re doing it without a winch, roof gaps, or heavy backing from sponsors. Fuck yes.

  3. It's here
    It's here says:

    It’s here, it’s finally fuckin here. I cant fucking believe it. Took long enough, but well worth the wait.

  4. Evgrin
    Evgrin says:

    That was amazing. Except for Colton Morgans tricks. That was kinda lame… Everything else was banger though.

  5. Everton
    Everton says:

    That was amazing. Except for Coltons tricks. That was kinda lame… Everything else was banger though.

    • Nick Noneman
      Nick Noneman says:

      Fuck you dude. Clearly you also don’t know anything about style or Colt in general. Its not all about tricks. Also Colton doubles as a filmer. I would love to see you hit all the spots he did.

  6. Get a job
    Get a job says:

    For those of you saying it took long enough for it to be released. Quit your bitching you should have bought a copy. Great movie Btw!!

  7. get get a job a job
    get get a job a job says:

    you mean how it came out like six months after it was supposed to?
    not that i’m mad about it. a lot of anticipation, though.
    and it lived up to it.

  8. late to the fight
    late to the fight says:

    colton morgan’s part was sick! fuck the haters.

    dat music tho – music credits anyone??


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