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HATELINE: 2/4/14

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Comments (36)

  1. u call danimls shaun white. u pay.

  2. will somebody please mix their audio for them

  3. Everything about Corey Smith makes me want to punch him in the face.

  4. I have to know. And please correct me if I’m wrong. But what tricks have street snowboarders invented? They’ve all just done tricks skateboarders have done?

  5. You forgot to mention how danny davis and kp (gold medal contenders in 2010) were seriously injured right before the last olympics rendering them unable to compete and the field wide open for shaun. SHAUNSPIRACY

  6. Someone get this motherfucker a ticket to russia. Shit is hillarious

  7. Did this guy just call danimals Shaun white?

  8. This could have been half an hour long and I wouldv’e watched the whole thing.

  9. Fuck if only stan could get a real interview with shaun white

  10. Start a Kickstarter campaign! #StanDoesRussia2014

  11. whos the blonde bombshell he asks the would you rather to?

  12. This just in Shaun White pulls out

  13. Corey smith looks like such a washed up dipshit I can hardly handle it.

    veto corey smith

  14. Come on Stan, Danimals didn’t even have long hair right there.

  15. maxwell spotting!

  16. Dude you fuckin’ forgot to ask the foreign guy about Mark Suciu


  18. Interview the yawgoons; you need a jacket that fits kid!

  19. The world needs more quality journalism.

  20. quit biting gary rogers, your not funny


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