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The last time we spoke, I was weighing on the various musical options available to me. I opted for Juicy J. To me, it was a no brainer that Juicy had hotter songs than Ferg. I mean, once Ferg performed Shabba, I would have been over it. Living in Portland, I have little experience with girls that are “ratchet,” but thank you Denver for proving that  the girls I see on do exist. Juicy J had strippers on stage for his entire show, and he convinced girls from the crowd to try their hand at pole dancing. Juicy launched into a series of Three 6 mafia songs including Stay Fly, Slob on my Knob, and Poppin’ my collar.

This photo totally proves I was there.

The show ended extremely abruptly, and I was told later that the smoke alarms were going off so seriously that the show had to stop. I actually believe this rumor, because literally, and I promise I use that word seriously, every single person around me was smoking a blunt or a joint. I heard that at the Ferg show, Ghost face Killah performed, and they had an entire table of free weed. There was also a texting  contest that granted the winner a free quarter pound.


Dank Donuts had free coffee and treats when everyone showed up!

If there were girls in bikini’s at SIA and no one takes photos of them, were they even there? This one can juggle!

Denver fans are annoying as shit!

The answers to our activity’s hardest question.

Tedore with the ones!

electric helmets.

I saw Scotty Vine walking around barefoot

I am glad I saw Juicy J before he died

I filmed the shit out of some hateline today

Rome does in fact have a back room with strippers.

Now on to the Transworld Awards… Hondo is especially bummed on me right now because I told him I should have been nominated for video series of the year, and he said “maybe biggest asshole of the year” Stay tuned for the final post of SIA tomorrow!


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Comments (7)

  1. the bikini girls represent almost all girls in Colorado….just eh

  2. This would have been fine without the picture of the bikini girls. Surely whoever hired them could have found way hotter with very little effort.

  3. Stoked on the Yes Greats Board. I have the old one with Terje and it’s not only got a true bad ass on it, it rides amazing. Love the everything about it.

  4. don’t talk about shit like Juicy J dying, you had me freaking out there for a second

  5. I think everyone could have called that crab grab union binding all the way back in the 60’s


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