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Edit Andrew Brewer’s Part: The Top 10


Andrew Brewer has officially sat through all 80 some edits we received, and these are the top 10. Now it’s your turn. Watch them and choose wisely. The top three videos will receive prizes from Tech Nine, Eternal, Jammy Pack and Yobeat. Happy viewing!

Contestant #1: César Abadie

Contestant #2: Mitch Girard

Contestant #3: Chase Harley

Contestant #4: Maxwell Carl Scott

Contestant #5: Andrew Gorham

Contestant #6: Andrew Guddat

Contestant #7: Jake Sorensen

Contestant #8: Matthew Keller

Contestant #9: Todd Hrim

Contestant #10: Brenden Lisi

The winners will be announced on February 7th! Thanks to everyone who entered.

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Comments (51)

  1. Way to fully accept a “wall ride to truck in the middle of landing shots.” And then way to leave it up to the internet for final votes which in no way is based on spamming the world for votes. Just killin it yobeat, just killin it.

  2. todd hrim you are the biggest faggot in the whole entire world your life must constently be you just spamming the shit outta ur vote by clearing ur cache you must feel real cool bitch boy

  3. so how is this a contest ?
    it obviously just who can get there friends to vote for them the most.
    just get a facebook cookie cutter girl to post a vote for me and that person wins

  4. this is bullshit… not upset I didn’t make top ten, but Todd Rim’s is garbage. straight garbage. really Brewer? did you just randomly pick after getting over watching yourself?

  5. aight jake sorenson you are fucking bastard child u faggot flaming homo you and todd hrim should fuck eachothers ass and make a cheating spamming baby you cum fucks

    • someone is pretty upset about this. would you just stand aside and watch free gear go by b/c someone else wants to spam? you beat them at the spamming. btw, im not jake but ive been voting for him cuz id much rather see his acutally good edit get beat by an edit i could do better than

  6. Well this has gotten out of hand :/

  7. where’s the winner announcement s? it is now feb 9th they said feb 7th