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Hateline: US Olympic Team, Danny Davis, Snowboard Jamboree, House of 1817, Industry Watch

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  1. Smokin needs give Migz his own pro model, shits icyyyyy

  2. I’m waiting for you to hate on Volcom for dropping BJ. Are you too weak? You know it was some east coast ivy league hipster gerry dickhead who called that shot. Maybe its bc I just turned 30 but that really hit close to home

  3. Stairmasters is no better than Real Snow. The videos are more relatable but the only way you can vote on videos is if you download an app for the contest. That’s like 100% than voting online. Plus they probably swoop up all your information when you download it and target market the shit out of you after.

  4. thrasher magazine, gary, and metro should get a lawyer, and sue your ass. what your doing is lame man. completely biting someone elses idea, down to explosion at the end. This is weak and i can’t believe people are buying it. If you’re going to be a completely fraudulent scumbag, at least be funny. you’re not funny dog.

  5. this nigga should reevaluate his life n shit. he aint funny, this aint funny. no talent hack piece of shit.