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Bet You Can’t- Brighton

This is a good one. Bet You Can’t get digits from three chicks then land a half-cab on to backside 5 on the up tube. First try.

Boarding and A-game by Pat Fava.

FIlming/editing by Mia Lambson.

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Comments (38)

  1. that was some ballerina bull-shit. style that 5 yo.

  2. Hot damn those bitches were sexy and that trick even sexier.

  3. Was that not a switch back 5 off? not cab five

  4. Pretty sure that one chick was a dude.

  5. I like they way you hit on girls kid.. reminds me of myself

  6. Such a G!

  7. that milly tube is so sticky tho, props

  8. He could save so much time if used one of those fancy bunniehookin phone-watches

  9. chick is sooooooooo beat…. lez….

  10. Connor Gysin deserves an Oscar for this one!

  11. man those utah reps are harsh – giving the kid a girls’ board to ride….

  12. I’ve seen some pretty bad discussions on Yobeat, but the Half-cab/cab1/back5/ohmygoodkillyourselves discussion happening here
    might be the reason I stop bothering with this bullshit, even though I have plenty of others.

  13. You snowboarders need a lesson in terminology?

  14. If you don’t have something nice to say
    Keep your trap shut!!!


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