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Garrett Warnick’s Wormy Hump Day

1229835_10201328732039398_2108624249_nPhoto: Josh Olley

From a young age Garrett Warnick has caught the eye of many an industry insider for his all around snowboard skills. In the last year he’s filmed his first part, gone to his first rave, and deemed himself the Kanye of snowboarding. Now on the grind getting clips for the forth coming Snowboarder movie, I was able to catch up with him thanks to the blustery and frigid weather in Buffalo. Here’s what he had to say for himself.

Why do they call you Worm?

When I was a bit smaller I used to do the Mammoth snowboard team and the coach called me worm for cutting through the lift lines.

You’ve drawn many comparisons to Spencer Schubert due to your style, how does that make you feel?

Spencer has got some serious stoyack, as the wizard might say. All that slack lining and kombucha is paying off. Makes me feel good, we both got the large wing span. Shout out to 6’2′ crew. Cornell Agee Jr.

Is there’s a snowboarder you would most like to be compared to?

What snowboarder wouldn’t want to be compared to Grendys?

Garret_Warnick_FS7Front 7. Photo: Kevin Westenbarger

So Snowboarder Mag is making a movie this year and I hear you’re in it. What can you tell me about that project?

Yea it’s my first year filming for a video so I’m hyped. Stax, Nils, Hans, Jaeger, Spencer, Dylan and a bunch of other bosses are all filming for it! should be fuego !!

You actually filmed your first full part last year. What was that like? Are you stoked on how it came out?

It was awesome, I was just working with Derek Wiemer for an online part so there were no expectations or anything. I’m stoked on how it came out, but definitely want to film some better shit this year.

So far what’s been better, filming for a movie or filming for an online part? Is there any difference?

So far this season has been pretty slow, and Derek is one of the filmers for the Snowboarder movie so it’s been the same!

Garret_Warnick_MillerFlipMiller flip. Photo Kevin Westenbarger

You’re really well-rounded and your part proves that, but do you have a favorite type of riding? Describe your ideal day.

I like to ride on anything but if I had a choice I would shred some untouched Hillary Duff somewhere out there !

Can you explain to me why people are so into taking their shirts off these days?

Cause Lick The Cat are trend setters and they are killing it!! Also cause smeagull plays dodgeball with his shirt off.

Where have your filming travels taken you this year?

I went up north to Calgary for a bit and now I’m in Buffalo. Besides that I have just been at home in Mammoth.

What’s the scene in Buffalo right now? Any luck getting shots?

We just got to Buffalo and its been pretty crazy with the weather. The entire city was shut down today and we couldn’t get much done with the winds. The next week should be good though.

snow1314_garrett_cSponsor props. Photo courtesy Garrett Warnick.

Did you check out the Real Snow videos yet? Who do you think will win?

Just got done watching all the real snows. Everyone killed it so hard ! My buddy Jaeger is in it so I’m hoping he does good. But I think the win is going to Bode. Hats off to Frank, Bode, Jaeger, and Louif ! You guys are nuts !

Would you be down to film a Real Snow part if asked?

Ya but I would have to get a winch, a ladder, some gymnastics lessons and health insurance.

Have you spent much time at home in Mammoth? How’s the season been so far?

I have barely been in Mammoth this year, we have had a really shitty snow year, so lets hope that changes soon. The season has been good. I’m excited to get into the backcountry soon.

Got any Mammoth insider tips for us?

Spring time in Mammoth is the best, snowboarding in the morning skate at night and party after that.


Do you prefer being on the road or hanging at home?

Both, I love being home but after awhile I am itching to get out on the road! Mammoth is a small town so you only need to be there for about two weeks at a time.

How was your trip to Africa? Where did you go and did anything crazy happen there?

Africa was insane. I went to Jeffery’s Bay to go surf for a month. Had a wild layover in Amsterdam and got fully pitted in Machadoland once i got there.

How was your first rave?

What a trip !! haha no, but aren’t all music events a good time? There are some crazy people at those things.

How do you feel about Kanye?

I’m down with Kanye. I’ve actually herd I’m the Kanye of snowboarding before.

What exactly does it mean to be the Kanye of snowboarding?

Well it may be a self proclaimed title but it means your not afraid of going full Tuna. To quote the man himself “that shit cray.”


Shaun White called you a “fan” on social media. What’s your real opinion on the flying tomato?

Ya, you really got to take everything Shaun says with a grain of salt. I’m just hoping Greg Bretz shows him how it is in Russia.

Sponsors and thanks?

Ya I just wanna say Jerm is a kook. He put a video I made on the rejected edits and it was sick. So for that fuck you Jerm.

Thanks Brooke ! Thanks Cory Grove for making the worlds best hot dogs and thanks to Stephen, Tj, Frank and greg for letting me live on your couch !

Billabong, CAPiTA, Electric, Val Surf, Mammoth Mountain, Cobra Dogs. Buy all that stuff !

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