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Yobeat’s 2013 Awards


Another year has passed us by, and that means it’s time to reward those people, places and things that worked extra hard and deserve a little recognition. But since deciding everything on our own is no fun, we’re making it interactive! We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 and now it’s your call. Think we blew it with our choices? Complain in the comments. Happy voting!

Perhaps the most prestigious of awards, Rider of the Year celebrates the dude who did the best tricks, put out a good part, and other words did work last year.

Everyone starts somewhere, and these guys are starting closer to the top than the rest of us. They might not be stacking cash for boarding yet, but watch out.

Because the chances of a girl ever being named rider of the year, they get their own category, obviously.

A very special award, this one goes to the rider who’s choice of tricks are high consequence, dizzying or otherwise classified as stunts.

In a sea of full parts, these are the ones that stood out and well be remembered, at least until next year’s movies come out.

Whether online only or released on hardcopy, these are the videos you’ll watch again and again, plus our movie, cause well, we can.

Life isn’t fair and these are some of the things that prove it.

Whether they produced a superior product or just generated a shit ton of buzz these are the brands that stood out in 2013.

It takes seriously good videos and riders who are actually talented, not to mention some antics, just for fun. These are the crews that stood out in 2013.

With snowboarding being a highly trend driven activity, it’s only fair we’d recognize the trends that flourish last year.

And finally, when two brands team up, the results can be magical, or not so much. Which brand match up was the sickest in 2013?

Thanks for voting!

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Comments (69)

  1. You seriously dont think RK1 crew deserves to be nominated for Crew of the year? Congrats on that yobeat

  2. Only one Riff Raff nomination? Lame!!!!

  3. Danimals shared a part with Jonas Michilot, not Jake OE

  4. Danimals/Jake OE shared part?? Where can I see that?

  5. You guys really need to list the HOTTEST girl snowboarders for “Female of the Year”

  6. Troll locals as crew of the year

  7. Jed Anderson not even nominated for rider of the year. What the hell yobeat.

  8. Letting the people decide???? WTF is this!?

  9. no keep the change as crew of the year?

  10. to those who are complaining about your favorite crews being left out of the voting, who cares? yawgoons deserves that shit hands down, real talk.

  11. Wait…. there are girls that snowboard too?!?!

  12. Christy Prrior is pretty fine…..with her goggles on….noamsayen?

  13. i was so happy when i could vote for something dylan gamache related again.

  14. First off, you can’t nominate yourself for your own award. Second Riff Raff is the biggest piece of shit rapper to ever make a $ in the music game. Dol “say” and Gabana? GARBAGE that represents everything about how retarded kids are today that shit like Riff Raff and Dubstep can make a dollar off you morons. #mydick

  15. How did froni not make it onto the rookie of the year list?

  16. ozzy henning is better than everyone

  17. What a fucking awful list. Did you stupid motherfuckers even watch Deja Vu? You really think Desiree deserved to get mentioned over Louif, Frank April, Will Lavigne, or LNP for part of the year? Have you been getting high off computer duster or what? Not to mention Froni, who dropped an unreal part this year.

  18. we need to see moar bewbs. nekkid ones.

  19. Collab of the year = Spedelli’s X Cobra Dogs hoody…

  20. no commentor of the year? finna get an award in the bitch.

  21. Didn’t Jes Kimura have the best female part this year?

  22. Biggest letdown was the Part of The Year nominations. No Jed or Louif or Froni?

  23. Yobeat / Catfish Chronicles / Angry Snowboarder / Change That Tape

  24. Biggest Let down of the year was Videograss for sure. way too much jibbing. Get the fuck outta minnesota and back to Whistler.

  25. Where were Durrel and Jordan Morse’s names for part of the year? DAE was tha fuckin movie of the year hands down #friendship

  26. you guys must have K on the brain, can’t even spell Nickerson’s name right

  27. I would rather vote for footyfiend as crew of the year..

  28. part was fucked. definitely the best WFTC2

  29. you people (voters) are retarded. halldor’s part in never not was insane, and he backflipped a fucking roof gap! in a fucking neck brace! if your telling that danimals/jonas michilot’s part was better your fucking dumb

  30. froni for video part and rookie of the year. jed for rider of the year. thirty-two x crab grab for collab. fuck you yobeat

  31. yobeat is made up of kooks man

  32. Gesme did something last year?

  33. The-impaler. Crew of the year

  34. i think scotts part should just be reigned like king of parts and excluded out of every other poll.. i agree w/ others nothing with jed there = retarted, ppl mad that ojo dropped a fucked up part, all yall know that half cab press on that one rail 2nd last trick.. yeuh

  35. Hey yobeat, you left yo t-shirt

  36. Dear yobeat, please remove haldor from these. Yes he had a good part but it was not top 5 of the year. MORE IMPORTANTLY any poll ever with Haldor in it shouldn’t count because for whatever reason 15 kids who wear bright colours and ride 10 days a year will pay to suck his dick

  37. First off, fuck you yobeat for making some hard ass fucking polls. How the fuck do you expect me to choose between yawgoons and lick the cat? Or déjà vu and the last ones? That’s the kind if shit that really gets me heated. But most importantly, WHY THE FUCKING FUCK IS BURTON EVEN IN THE POLL FOR BEST BRAND? Sure they have some cool ass riders like Daniel Davis a And other affiliates of the frends crew but seriously even if it’s a joke that shit ISNT FUCKING FUNNY. GOD DAMNIT. they’re a bunch of industrialized bitches. FUCK SHAUN WHITE TOO cause he’s a real bitch too
    Eat my dick

  38. How in the hell can you consider Shaun White a letdown!? I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate the guy and would vote for him in that category every other year. But when El Blanco didn’t win pipe in the X Games and then pussied out of slopestyle… well I’d have to call that one of the biggest wins for snowboarding this year. Fuck Shaun White… his hair isn’t even cool anymore.

  39. Pretty sure Frank Bourgeois dropped the heaviest urban part of the year in Brothers Factory’s JamaisVu… just sayin’.

  40. did everyone forget Sam Taxwood’s part in Roll Call?? unreal.

  41. I saw Shaun White so i voted right away

  42. No lie, half the reason I filled this out is because the que to get into my WoW realm is way too long.


  44. Danimals? really? he’s such a sick rider but the fact he took that sick front blunt out to fakie instead of 270ing it or bringing it back to regular really frustrated me. Not hating on him as he’s such a sick rider and his presses and spots are sick. Just that shot annoyed me. #OCD rant over

    • Get the fuck over it. Danimals is style at it’s finest- something too often overlooked in the snowboard circus these days.

      If you’re bummed that he didn’t 27 or bring it back or frontflip or whatever, go do it yourself. Chances are you can’t even walk as comfortably as Dan can ride a snowboard.

  45. fuck you guys. shaun white is my hero.

  46. Where is Anna gasser. Not that I care about girls or anything


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