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Yobeat’s 2013 Awards


Another year has passed us by, and that means it’s time to reward those people, places and things that worked extra hard and deserve a little recognition. But since deciding everything on our own is no fun, we’re making it interactive! We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 and now it’s your call. Think we blew it with our choices? Complain in the comments. Happy voting!

Perhaps the most prestigious of awards, Rider of the Year celebrates the dude who did the best tricks, put out a good part, and other words did work last year.

Everyone starts somewhere, and these guys are starting closer to the top than the rest of us. They might not be stacking cash for boarding yet, but watch out.

Because the chances of a girl ever being named rider of the year, they get their own category, obviously.

A very special award, this one goes to the rider who’s choice of tricks are high consequence, dizzying or otherwise classified as stunts.

In a sea of full parts, these are the ones that stood out and well be remembered, at least until next year’s movies come out.

Whether online only or released on hardcopy, these are the videos you’ll watch again and again, plus our movie, cause well, we can.

Life isn’t fair and these are some of the things that prove it.

Whether they produced a superior product or just generated a shit ton of buzz these are the brands that stood out in 2013.

It takes seriously good videos and riders who are actually talented, not to mention some antics, just for fun. These are the crews that stood out in 2013.

With snowboarding being a highly trend driven activity, it’s only fair we’d recognize the trends that flourish last year.

And finally, when two brands team up, the results can be magical, or not so much. Which brand match up was the sickest in 2013?

Thanks for voting!

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Comments (69)

  1. Where is Anna gasser. Not that I care about girls or anything

  2. Silky Johnson for hater of the year

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