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Bet You Can’t- Keystone

Another season of Bet You Can’t is totally back. First up in 2014 is Jade Phelan with a switch backside 180 on, back 180 out. THROUGH THE DONKEY DICK!

Brought to you by Keystone and Area 51 Parks.

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Comments (22)

  1. that’s a really hard trick and its on a good sized down bar not some dinky little rope tow rail. Jade kills it!

  2. This was like asking a girl halfpipe riding “bet you can’t mctwist”. Sure they have and could eventually. But a lot of other people have and could do it better so whats the point of the video.

  3. It’s kids like this that make the vibe in Colorado shitty. Jade’s a colorado gaper dressed up in “hesh” shit… 86 that douche attitude “bro”

  4. And I never want to see another one of these things filmed on a GODDAMN GOPRO. That’s why the intro looks like shit

  5. that dude was a fucking nort. like dan said, if your gunna do it in keystone have steve lauder do it or at least someone who doesnt look like they work at burton learn to ride. fucking summit county bros.

  6. Jades a stoner duche, FUCK NIGHTMARE, AND FUCK GOPROS.

  7. bet you cant save up enough money to buy a real camera