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15 Adorable Photos of Pro Snowboarders as Kids


We’re all kids at heart, but most of us were a lot cuter as real kids. That’s why we cracked open the family albums, dug deep for the goods, and present to you: pro snowboarders as little kids.



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  • teamneversober

    shaun white shoulda stayed in those ski boots

  • child

    Wait I took that Red Gerard one just the other day…

  • hater skater

    yeah, who gives a fuck? Get it together yobeat, it’s been downhill since lipton left. You’re lucky that the other snowboard sites suck even worse

  • Shaun White

    Pimpin’ since day 1

  • ?

    is it just me or does Pat Moore look like adolf hitler without the mustache.

  • Jeenyus

    Where is Stan?

    • pls


      • No Homo Tho

        and the nude pixxxx…


    You guys didn’t think the new Flippin’ Bird edit was good enough to post but the photos you found creeping through the Facebooks of pro snowboarders mom’s made the cut? For shame.

  • big black bob

    bet dat curtice nigga got sum hot ass sistas

  • Wait

    Wait… Red Gerard counts?

  • hornyforanything

    id be lying if i said i wouldnt do one of curtis woodman’s sisters…………..

  • Chandler

    Kevin Backstrom looks like Kurt Cobain

  • brandonJennings

    everyone in these pictures ran train on brett stewarts girlfriend. kasey walter is a whore

  • a

    yeahsrsly why no me wtf

  • Yeah

    Shaun White still wears that same pair of pants.. At least the same size..