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Caroline Degardh FULL PART

Chances are you didn’t sit through all those Swedish dudes stunts to see Caroline’s full part, so never fear, here it is by its lonesome for your enjoyment.

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Comments (16)

  1. hitting that car looked like it fucking hurt

  2. Definitely some hammers but if she doesn’t. Have enough footy for a full part she shouldn’t get one. 45 seconds of buildup intro for a 2 minute part is too much

  3. Way better than most chicks these days

  4. uber stoked if I could put out a part on par with this

  5. I’d rather watch this than any arbor edit

  6. 1:09 was most definately a man-worthy trick

  7. I’m going to the Olympics. Street is for gutter kids.

  8. Solid riding for sure, though for her sake I hope she gets better at assessig what she is riding and her abilities. Sure she’s young now and bounces, but ask anyone who has done this for long enough and they will tell you that what pushes progression isn’t necessarily how hard someone rides, but rather how long they are able to. She seems to have the cojones, and perhaps I am just old and out of touch, but all of those slams featured had the potential to be “season enders” and I would hate to see her riding hung-up so young all because she rides past her ability and takes one slam too many.

  9. Finallly a girl who rides like a guy but doesn’t look like a guy…


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