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People’s Court: Drew Elm vs Nolan Quinn

Is it just me or are the majority of the good Peoples Court edits kids from the Midwest? Where all the East and West coasters at?

The People’s Court is a weekly competition, brought to you in the month of December by evo. This week’s winner will receive a $100 gift card from evo. Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.


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Comments (41)

  1. wtf? a 10 second crotch shot of a little kid?

    • ^That ten second crotch shot wasnt Nolan. It was of a 6’5″ hunk named Big Red. Also how does that relate to the amount of insane tricks that Nolan can do in one day of filming. Buff only really has rails and they arent exactly perfect like Granite Peak. Nolan for the win!!!!

  2. Drew Elm on the come up

  3. Elm easily because he hits jumps. Too many kids just riding around the jump sections in this day an age.

  4. Both songs were real bad. And the filming in the second one was painful.
    West Coast represent

  5. Drew rides midwests’s best park………. Nolan rides Raging Buffalo. Drew couldn’t do Nolan’s rail tricks and Nolan can’t do his jump tricks. Look at their age and look at their style. Lets not even dicuss music turn the volume off. I think if anything we should be having “The Park’s Court” Granite Peak is top shelf and Raging Buffalo is OG.

    This nonsense needs to stop help.

  6. And Nolan would shred those jumps kys EVAN

  7. HOLY $hIt D00D. $o T1ght bruhhhh. #swag…

    i voted for a east coast kid

  8. This wasn’t fair at all you guys gave drew this one

  9. Yo that is my boy Drew! We’re totally both freshman at the U of Utah who love jibbing and partying! So stoked I am his homie he is so pro!

  10. Worst choice of music since Skate 3

  11. Drew Elm never says hi to me but I voted for him anyways

  12. Nolan, because Michaels 10 second crotch shot.

  13. haha i dont understand why they matched me up with a jump rider but whatever still getting some good views on that vid my friend made

  14. ahahaha and plus were both freshmen, except hes in college

  15. will poop his pants for money, even if it means getting kicked out of the U of U dorms

  16. i dont understand drews was filmed in a whole season while nolan’s was filmed within acouple of hours at raging buffalo

  17. I was there the day Nolan was filming and he killed it. Don’t hate because he didn’t, “hit any jumps” there were no jumps up at the time

  18. fuckin bunk ass comments, nice back three tindy

  19. My boy Drew straight killed it! Yeah the other kid is pretty damn good but The Boner_Drew is just better. You all should give him a follow on twitter @boner_drew kids hilarious. The other reason to vote for drew is he boozes like a champion. Do 14 year olds even know what alcohol is? Drew representing granite peak like the thug that he is! Keep shredding that fresh virgin pow-pow you two beauties. Boners for life!

  20. First dude blew huge chunks all over the rails, the second guys blew slightly less chunks. We all know jumps don’t matter so the winner here is obvious…..

  21. okay kids. nolan is obviously younger and was filmed in only a few hours. raging has only two short sides and since it was less than a week into opening, only one side was up. also there arent jumps until later in the season. another thing is the lips are never all that great at buff. im sure granites are probably perfect. that 10 second crotch shot was not him. VOTE FOR NOLAN <3

  22. and if you voted for the other guy because nolan is riding a burton custom…its not his

  23. I voted for nolan because drew rides a salamon board

  24. 1st kid fursur just because o the jumping . 2nd kid was decent at rails but lacked originality and style even tho everything was clean(ish) . You could tell the 2nd kid will be eventually good in a couple of years. 1st kid with those back 9s tho!!!! I feel like these parts also lack big clean floaty threes

  25. Nolan all the way. The other kid is like twice his age, had a whole season, and still filmed a worse edit. plus, raging buffalo is home.

  26. Nolan, you cut the rope. You’re banned for the season.

  27. alot of boot grabbing chucking in the first one, but it did look alot more cool, last time i checked thats what its all about…either way more Trill-haugen please



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