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Ian Post and the crew must have been feeling generous this holiday season, so here’s the full Afterhours movie for your viewing pleasure. Want to own it for ever and ever? Download it on iTunes:

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Comments (8)

  1. Some of the East Coast’s finest. Yale. Thanks for the free view.

  2. Well Done Ian! Rep the east

  3. Zach Wilmont’s snowboarding is way to good to have a recycled song. Bad moves who ever edited this. My only complaint btw

  4. Omg Phil Tardiffs part has a recycled song too..Has the guy who edited this even seen other snowboard movies. there is so much music out there c’monnnn!

  5. this was real sick.. they were pretty recycled, but i do like all the songs.

  6. Luke Haddock can snowboard but he sure can’t please women.