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Laps at Brighton with Change that Tape

Some super serious early season boarding from the boys.

Featuring: Beresford, Grenier, Ross, Harry, Conner, and Wizard

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Comments (16)

  1. i mean i figured since grenier was in it, there was a chance this might be a real edit.

  2. nope, just a “pull my finger” type of edit.

  3. Love/Hate MFM butter flashbacks yes.

  4. not enough backside 180’s onto down rails. just not enough

  5. More like tape that change, killin em!

  6. How yall finna say featuring me, and I even seen’t a single sign of me in this video. UGH!

  7. where’s my nigga scott stevens…

  8. This shit sucks, my boyfreind Shaun good do any of this stuff

  9. that was awesome.. MFM tribute was all time @karnkarn burning bridges, duh


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