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Inside 5 Independent, American-Made Snowboard Brands


In honor of Veteran’s day, American pride and the pursuit of stories that will get a lot of traffic, we caught up with five independently owned brands manufacturing right here in the United States. Together they employ over 100 red-blooded American snowboarders and are still owned by the people that started them. So in the name of good ol’ freedom, read on to learn more. If you don’t, the terrorists win.

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Comments (54)

  1. Never summer isn’t a snowboard company, it’s more like a cult, it’s just a bunch of whack summit county kids who listen to dubstep and think longboarding is cool, and Justin Henigan. MURICA

  2. gone n putah good dip in. yall deserve it

  3. no neversummer circlejerk yet wow

  4. fuck never summer that shits whack. bunch of clowns running around CO decked out in neon candyChyll gear riding never dankers… fuck that

  5. It’s sweet to produce in the USA as long as you’re cool enough

  6. where the fuck is libtech and gnu????

  7. I couldn’t find a board that could handle my skillz so I started making my own in my dorm room

  8. What?!?! you do know what independently owned is right Lib and Gnu were owned by Quiksilver and now Altamont Acquisition these five are still owed by the people who run it.

  9. Lib and Gnu are made in the USA however they are owned by a conglomerate.

  10. Brooke, can we not do the whole article-in-multiple-pages-to-maximize-ad-views thing?

  11. I was hoping to see IPP, but I guess they’re too small at this point. Also I have no clue who makes their boards.

  12. where the fuck is caked!! this is all bullshit

  13. First off veterans day was yesterday. And where is Burton at?

  14. Wow, great research, forgot about a ton of factories: Unity, Marhar, Epix, Prospect(Wi-Me), Donek, Nightmare, Humanity…there’s a ton more…maybe Barfoot will be included soon.

  15. Illuminati Snowboards?! Where is the love!

  16. @e Nightmare has been wack ever since the owner or buddy of the owner got all buttsore on EasyLoungin

  17. Seriously another MADE IN USA stroke fest? I would rather hear from the companies manufacturing overseas explain why they do so. I think that would be a more interesting read, but thanks for nothing.

    Never Summer really? Self righteous douchers.

  18. Powder Jet!

  19. Homewoodsnowboards are the shit very impressive boardsade by some very rad dudes

  20. Why Does everyone hate Never Summer so much? I don’t really have an opinion on them but, like why the dislike towards em? Just wondering.

  21. uh oh…

  22. I dont hate Never Summer at all. They make awesome skis called Icelantic. Never Summer was the first to patent rocker aka I suck at snowboarding technology which every ski company now a days uses in their designs. I love skiing and the lifestyle I don’t know why all you punk ass kids need to make fun of it. Never Summer and Icleantic 4LYFE. If Neversummer or Icelantic were to make camber boards or skis they would ride like tanks due to the materials they use in their boards or planks. When you flip a tank board over and make it a banana it actually is kind of ridable. And have you seen their team? If it werent for them who would party? Everyone else is out getting better at snoboarding and the never summer teams stuck on reverse camber boards so they go party. Who doesn’t like to party?

  23. that’s weird, my Barfoot woody 151 sure felt reverso. And my friend’s Kidwell. That was a long time ago though, maybe my memory’s fading…

  24. love to see all this hate against never summer, you guys make me proud sometimes


  26. That was a long time ago “a”, way to name drop though. Im sure you still ride your old board and are stuck in the 80’s. Get wit it dawg, skiing is taking over. Snowboarders are gonna have to go back to their hide outs, cuz we own da park now!!!!

  27. I once finger banged sam taxwood and a rabid squirrel at a frat party. I <3 Frats.

  28. I’d rather stuff Bryce Dale in the ass no lube then strap into anything with that ridiculous NS stamped on it.

  29. id just rather stuff bryce dale in the ass

  30. USA!!!USA!!!!USA!!!! Colorado Skier you’re hillarious love the sarcasm. I would fuck with a Smokin no doubt. I haven’t met Smokin Jay, but his family at Grampa Grunt’s are good people so I’m gonna assume the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. PLUS HAVE YOU SEEN THE DEADLUNG GRAPHIC?!?!?

  31. I love that damn dragon-eagle design on my Never Summer, it never gets old either. Timeless, stamp that thing everywhere, no need to think anyone would like to look at something else. I know I wouldn’t!

  32. WHO GIVES A SHIT! It’s snowboarding. You may as well just complain about where your golf clubs and jetskis are produced.

  33. Smokin snowboards is like the best on this list for reals. The fact that they are one of the chosen few that China decides to buy is really amazing and actually does make me think!

    420 dabber FO LYFEEE cuz!!!!!

  34. Can’t say enough good things about my Smokin board

    that shit is the shit.

  35. Venture snowboards are the best pow sticks around.

  36. Burton employs more americans than all of these combined. i dunno, just thought that was worth mentioning.

  37. Please don’t start doing your articles with pages like that. Nobody likes it when snowboardermag or transworld does this.

  38. Yungskooter would never back ns, jus a bunch of longboardin kooks!

  39. haha, Never Summer:

    “enable us to become a stronger nation once again, allowing the U.S. to provide recovery programs for other free world economies and national and global humanitarian programs.”

    You know what else helps those free world economies? Allowing them to have jobs. Nice shortsightedness. I am sure your 20 factory workers are injecting serious green into our economy and humanitarian issues abroad.

    There isn’t a single company in this list that understands economics.

  40. im from colorado born n raised, neversummer has made me hate the colorado flag…

  41. I used to be a stock broker, So all of our boards are made overseas. We do R&D in Vermont and then I have Chang and Wong hotwax boards all day without a respirator for .02cents an hour. I killed Forum so I wouldn’t have to pay for all those talentless riders medical bills.

  42. Arbor? I know part of the line is made in Austria, the other part is made in St George, Utah from what I’ve heard. Plus that same factory does work for other brands or has in the past

  43. This is truly a great website and is very informative.


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