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People’s Court: Quinn Dubois vs Matty Britton

Two scrawny kids battling it out. So which is the better TF: Whistler or Boreal?

The People’s Court is a weekly competition, brought to you in the month of November by evo. This week’s winner will receive a pair of Halldor Switchback Bindings. Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.


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Comments (50)

  1. Matty is the biz but little homie was hitting some sick street spots. Tough one for sure.

  2. both parts were pretty similar, but at least Quinn Q. had street and pow shots. Vote goes to him.

  3. Quinn will steal your tech decks if you don’t vote for him…

  4. I’m better you all need to prepare for my edit coming soon yo

  5. yo quinn ur sick but honestly.. you are white!

  6. what the song in mattys part?!?!?

  7. matty britton makes it look too easy


    Quinn is younger, has better style, and more difficult tricks GTFO.

  9. Mattys edit was all around way better, better style, harder tricks, better song, and better editing.

  10. hahahaah first off FUck matty, kid was born kook , second quins a boss 14 years old, killin it !

  11. Only voting for Quinn to support fiend

  12. Quinns Bs board pretzels got my vote.

  13. Sure the other kids footy was a bit more HD, but fuck that shit, real recognize real, quinn is the boss.

  14. This is my new yobeat commenting name. (only canadians will understand)

  15. Niggas smokin’ grass… all Quinn knows is purp

  16. The REAL Quinn Laden!

  17. i refreshed the page and matts votes are going up per minuite

  18. Its deeper than the bindings…. this battle is for real.

  19. Both still in HIGH school and the biggest bosses in the Trap. Toughest peoples court ever

  20. Someone tell that kid hes white already.

  21. I don’t get why skin colour makes any difference… its 2013 you ignorant american bastards

  22. Is it just me or does Matty look like a young Sean Black? Not in riding. Strictly facial.

  23. last two tricks by britton were done on the same obstacles by gesme in the woodward edit. not hating jsut sayin

  24. Yo b fuxk wit Dubois main we be stedy mobin

  25. Quinn had clips on some super famous spots. Props for getting out there and getting it done. But my boy Shaun White doe…

  26. I’m voting for Matty because he seemed to be an all around better rider, kid killed it in rails and had a good mix of regular and switch tricks. Both edits were good but the better rider was Matty



  28. holy shit matty!!! that was fucked up!!!!!

  29. U.S.A U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A U.S.A

  30. nice!!!! those Halldor’s are sick!

  31. hell yeah matt!!

  32. at first I thought Quinn’s part was better, because Matty’s just started off slow, then… WHAMMO! Matty took it hands down! Both had good riding for sure!

  33. Hey guys! Please check out my videos of me rapping on YouTube ! Just search “Matty b raps”

  34. I hope all the kids commenting on this are Quinns age or younger! Ya’ll a bunch of high school bitches, talking shit and trying to back your friends over the internet. Both kids shred, I’m backing Quinn just for moral support because he is going to need it when he gets older and realizes how much of a fuck up that rap video was!

  35. Matty’s got swag, older or not and those tricks were buttery.

    Also F#*King hilarious – “get high on the mountain; I stay away from crack, cocaine,or blow”. Good call buddy, I don’t smoke weed OR marijuana. However you just sneezed away like a grand worth of fake fun dust my friend, bad form. Vote for Matty, vote for drugs.

  36. I watched the first 20 seconds of both edits then voted for Shaun.


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