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Shredtown Showdown: Elite Eight

Things are really heating up in the Shredtown Showdown. After what looked like a devastating loss for Salt Lake, the beehive state came from behind to beat out Summit County by some 200 votes. And in another shocker, Marquette topped Plymouth by a mere 7 votes (no, we will not recount) and the Eastern bracket now looks especially Midwestern. Semantics though, there’s two more rounds to go before we crown what will henceforth be known the best shredtown, ever.


Truckee vs Mammoth


Marquette vs Minneapolis


Whistler vs Revelstoke


Salt Lake City vs Jackson Hole

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Comments (27)

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha youre funny!

  2. Fuck house of 1817. we bout that jnepnation not that pussy shit going over in Minneapolis come to marquette ill show you a good time.GANT HALL RISE AS ONE LETS BUY SOME COKE

  3. Marquette should take the cake dudes. The amount of snow and the length of the season doesn’t even compare it to Minneapolis

  4. Marquette should take the cake, the amount of snow and the length of the season doesn’t even compare it to Minneapolis.

  5. What a joke that Marquette beat out Burlington

  6. @beelington fuck yeah marquette beat out burlington who da fuck shops at the coat factory anymore ya scuzzy hoe