Win: A Burton Backyard Series Snowboard

Meet Cliff Underlift, hoarder, I mean, snowboard collector, who’s real purpose for existence is to tell you about the new super limited Burton Backyard series. Since watching a whole video is hard, here are some highlights about the boards –

-limited to 600 boards, all made at Craig’s in VT.

-Graphics by English designer, Simon Riviere.

-The Moonshine, a mid-wide, comes in a 154cm and 158cm size and features Flying V, Squeezebox, Side Effects and a design driven by Mark Sollors to be a park board that loves powder.

-The Speak Easy is the brainchild of Danny Davis and comes in a 152cm, 155cm, and 158cm–all mid-wides as well.

-The Speak Easy and Moonshine feature technology not yet seen in Burton’s regular line.

-Available only at select shops, for the full list click here.


Why are we telling you all this? Well, because we’ve got the above Moonshine to give away. But since these Vermont-made boards are so very hard to come by, we’re not making it that easy. To enter, we wanna see the best backyard set up. If you already have one, score, send a picture or video to [email protected] or better yet, post it on instagram with the hashtag #burtonbackyard. If you don’t, better get out there and start building. Your local ice rink has snow, so no excuses!

This giveaway is over and winner is Keith Korchok from Pennsylvania!

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  1. delicious odor
    delicious odor says:

    Here are the rest of the contest rules that got cut off:

    1) If you don’t have a back yard, send a picture of your pay stub from work. Highest pay stub wins. Also, make sure to call anyone and everyone a fag, because that’s what you do. Winner also gets served a fancy embroidered patch on a slab of wood next to a plump sausage by He-Man if He-Man was into ringtone rap.

  2. delicious odor
    delicious odor says:

    2) Just kidding, I made that rule up. Real rule is that if if you can’t find any snow, you have to use butter because that’s appropriate. Butter and saltines and an article of salmon-colored clothing. If you don’t have a yard, you can use margarine. Make sure to include your pay stub.


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