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Win: An Airblaster Pizza Suit (and more!)


You know what’s fun? Free stuff. Especially free stuff from Airblaster. Apparently they just got a bunch of new gear in their online store, and to get us to tell you about it, they hooked up some gear to giveaway. Since it’s Airblaster, we’re having the most fun contest ever. Short name: #airblasterpizza

It  isn’t exactly free — you’ll need a pizza to enter. It could be homemade or Totinos, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you top it in a fun, funny, delicious or ridiculous manner. Get creative. Then you’re gonna snap a picture of it email it to us [email protected], or upload it to Instagram with #airblasterpizza (but not if your profile is private, dumbass)


Up for grabs is a pizza ninja suit, the Workhorse jacket, and the Sissy pant and we’re gonna give them away to our favorites. The rules are there are no rules, just go wild! The winners will be chosen on Tuesday, Oct 1st so don’t slack.


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Comments (4)

  1. what’s the over/under on how many submissions you’ll get with just a huge pile of weed on a pizza?

  2. a contest where effort is required… I’m out.


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