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Meet: After Hours

Remember Yomerica? It’s the movie we made this year. What do you mean you didn’t watch it? WTF. Go watch it. And when you do, you’ll see the ender section from Afterhours and think, man, I want to know more about those guys. Then you’ll see this interview and be like, fuck yeah, those guys. Or if you’ve already seen it, just read on.


Location: VT / Tahoe / the road
Riders: Riley Nickerson, John Murphy, Yale Cousino, Ozzy Henning, Nic Marcoux, Jeff Deforge, Zander Blackmon, Zack Wilmot, Rkelly
Filmer: Ian Post
Filming/editing set up? HVX200, Century fish, HMC150, FCP7

Does your crew name come from the 1985 black comedy film by Martin Scorsese called “after hours”? If not, how’d you come up with it?

Nah, I can’t say it does. I think it just fits the overall mentality of everyone we board with. We stray very far from the classic 9 to 5 mindset. Traveling, filming, riding, night antics, partying, etc. are our day-to-day activities.

Traditionally, people move out west to further their career. Do think a shift is happening and the East is once again becoming a place to make it?

There’s definitely a larger boarding ‘scene’ westward, but the east has that tightly-knit, small community vibe that will always be the best. Everyone knows each other for the most part and just enjoys riding for the hell of it. Places like Loon & Sugarbush have stepped things up considerably too.


Filming in Quebec. Photo: Owen Ringwald

How many of Riley Nickerson’s 101 tips to getting faded can you recite for us? I am still waiting for an article by him.

Can’t say I’ve been able to keep track of them all over the years, but Riley certainly knows how to keep things loose. he utilizes spliffs, beer & whiskey to get shit done.

How often do people confuse John Murphy for a girl?

Don’t really think that happens. Especially now that he has a dirty stache & chops.


Life on the road.

Biggest travel fail this year? And conversely, best trip?

There weren’t too many fails, which is weird considering we did 35k miles since November. I do remember being in Duluth / Minneapolis in January on a separate trip looking at grass as it rained. That sucked. We ended up driving straight through to Quebec from there. The border guard was definitely a bit confused why a Missouri-plated Town & Country rental with guys from Vermont, Utah, Oregon & Finland was driving through Ontario.

Our most productive trip was 2-3 weeks in Syracuse, Boston & Connecticut when ol Nemo came through. We got some good shit done, but it definitely was a long time with the same 5 people. I’d say our most fun mission was VT -> CO -> UT -> Tahoe -> Bachelor/Superpark -> Hood -> VT in the springtime.

What is your crew’s slang word of choice?

I hear “twist up” quite a bit; not sure if that counts though.

ah2 dc5d8494045511e3b16122000a1f9e61_7Terrible influences.

You guys are making your own movie this year too, when can we expect the drop?

Yep, afterhours ii is done & will be on iTunes in September. Pretty hyped on how it turned out.

Your crew has added some people since last year, how did that come to be?

We pretty much synced up with the same people as last year. I went on a Rome trip with Ozzy; from there planned on getting some footy of him in the movie. Jeff was hurt last year, but was able to film a bunch this past season. Besides that, we’re all originally east coasters.

 Why does Luke Haddock have the nickname fish man?

fishmin, fishman, phishmon… many variations. Riley came up with it originally while we were driving through Utah er Nevada. Besides the obvious last name of “haddock,” several of Luke’s antics could be labeled as pretty fishy. I’ve never seen anyone else make a breakfast sandwich last 3 days…

Who are your influences for filming and riding?

Snowboarding wise, all the guys involved with VG Givin & Dope do things right in my eyes.

What do you think makes a movie good? What movie are you most looking forward to this year?

The boarding, the music & the pace. I’m most hyped to check out Jamais Vu, Deja Vu & Roll Call.

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