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Hot Dawgz and Handrails 2013 Video

Danny Kern was on hand for Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails 2013. This event is the kick off to the season we’ve all been anxiously awaiting. Have a look at the hammers that went down and the heavy hangovers, influenced by the 10% rule.

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Comments (15)

  1. too bad they showed the bunk shot of that sw back 270, the one he did right after that was perfect.

  2. is there another recap version…..geez that was hard to watch, filmed by a soccor dad

  3. Yes sir we agree, but what brought that up

  4. From now on no edit is compleat without lazz picking his butt

  5. Just one shot of Lucas M kills an edit for me these days…

  6. How about Zach Nigro making sure the keegan replacement has his board. Well done sir!

  7. that music was so bad

  8. dick trickle is from wisconsin not minnesota

  9. that chick def woke up wondering why her shit was so chaffed.


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