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Meet: Hill City Squad


This third crew from Yomerica is really one of our favorites, not only because they also won the Crew Clash, but because its filmer/editor, Hunter Gulan, actually edited the whole damn movie. So thank him, or blame him your shot got left out, and learn more about the Hill City Squad.

So Hunter, I tricked you into editing the movie, how did you decide which crews got sections?

HUNTER– Basically just looked through all the footage, which was a challenge in itself because I edit on a PC
and had to convert most of it to even view it. After that was done, the crews that had the best shots got full parts.
There were a lot of crews that had super sick footy, but didn’t have enough to make a full part. That’s why there is the montage section in the video.

Which crew’s footage were you most stoked on and why?

HUNTER– I was definitely most stoked on NOWAMEAN or AFTERHOURS because they both had so many shots. The riding was sick and all the work that went into setting up each of the spots and getting shots on them is amazing.

8270688395_cd146b38ed_bDanny Kiolbasa is a ray of sunshine.

I heard the Catfish had to talk you into giving Hill City Squad a section. Why didn’t you want to?

HUNTER- Ya he definitely talked me into it. I didn’t want to because earlier this winter most the footage was in our Crew Clash edit or in Spooner’s season video. There only left a few unused clips and b roll to use in the HCS section. The catfish convinced me to make a HCS part anyways because its my hometown crew. So I was like, fuck it i’ll make a part.

8471122594_3619793cec_bDon’t let Danny Kiolbasa’s mom see this!

Enough about you, lets talk HCS. Where did the name come from?

HUNTER I think this is best described by Dan

#danspooner – Let me break this down for you. We were talking after a session and I thought, our forefathers must have strategically placed Duluth on a hill so future generations could snowboard. Makes sense right? I think Duluth is called the city on a hill, so logistically speaking, Hill City Squad is an appropriate name. HCS baby. Was that sophisticated enough for YoBeat?

How was the season in Duluth?

HUNTER- The season was amazing. It couldn’t get any better. We had about a 7 month season this year. Started on October 7th down at Wild Mountain and Trollhaugen. So by the time we got natural snow, everyone was ready to film. Then at the end of the season we got pounded with snow storms all through march and part way through april. This allowed us to film in the streets all the way to the end of april!

Where do you guys normally ride?

HUNTER– Mont Du Lac! Hands down the sickest place you’ll ever ride. So chill, has the fastest rope around and they switch the set up almost every week. Sometimes we go to Spirit Mountain, but there is no rope so the chair lift is freezing as fuck, but I’ve heard rumors of a rope tow next season, so we’ll see…..

hscHunter Gulan flips over #danspooners Capita ad.

Which Dan would win in a fight, Spooner or Kiolbasa?

HUNTER– Obviously the man with his own hashtag……… no offense Danny. Plus Dan is a soccer super star!

Who are your influences for both filming and riding?

HUNTER– With out a doubt my biggest influences for filming are Keep the Change and Video Grass. They are the sickest. I like how they keep it pretty simple you know, like today there are too many steady cam wide angle lens and dolly artsy fartsy shots in snowboarding. They keep it simple, love that shit.

#danspooner – Guys like Louif who are just extremely proper and make shit look so easy. That’s what gets me…insane tricks done with silky smooth style. Jesse Paul, Mark Wilson, Viktor Simco, Fronius, Frank April, Colin Wilson…every other MN dude. Too many to name.

What’s the best and worst things about snowboarding in Minnesota?

#danspooner – Best: Endless rope laps, so many homies, good spots, our 12 year olds are better than yours.
– Worst: Those windy, -20 days where the rails don’t slide. Other than that, MN is the shit!

HUNTER– Best: Rope Tows! Makes riding anywhere without one suck now…… damn you rope tows(not really).

Worst: Everything is usually an ice rink unless it freshly snowed or its slushy.

Danny Kiolbasa- Besting thing, Lapping the rope with homies and spots/resorts are all relatively close by.

Worst, little kids and ruining fresh-ass mitts.
8433459489_f6c55c1c5d_bCellphone quality prevents me knowing which one this is.

What makes a video good? Which movie are you most looking forward to this year?

HUNTER– Well to me, if it doesn’t have a good song, I won’t like it even if the riding is good. Im weird like that, so a good movie definitely has to have a good sound track! The video I am most looking forward to is Roll Call! Not a day goes by where I don’t watch the teaser! When Damage gets some copies in, you know I’ll be the first one there.

Danny Kiolbasa- Good tricks and good angles…? VG has a sick crew I’m pretty hyped on.

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Comments (5)

  1. I’m sensing another huge year for Minnesota crews.. Watch for more names you’ve never heard of. For reals

  2. that crew clash video is still the shit

  3. There’s going to be so many homies in Duluth this year, spirit’s gonna have to get a rope if they want to keep up

  4. @Traw I agree with you. The Midwest really is the best.
    20 damn days until Troll’s open house. See you fools there.


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