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The People’s Court: John Ewald vs. Keenan Gibson


Continuing to clean out the old videos before the snow starts to fly. Another summer VS. winter.

John Ewald


Keenan Gibson

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

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Comments (30)

  1. Miley’s ass is a better banger than these edits..

  2. also 1st and 2nd comment to the extreme. fuck your jobs

  3. Yeah I’d let Miley twerk on me before I watch either of these videos again.

  4. Ewalds part is progressive… 1993….as a 13yr old girl

  5. hey, ewald probably has the only edit on yobeat without at least one nice, clean, zeach. i likedit

  6. Keenan kid was smoove

  7. John Ewald’s edit actually made me feel a little bit better about my rail riding abilities.

  8. Keeenan needs to get rid of his gross skinny stance.. Standard stance or get a bigger board. The other dude needs to stop being a pussy and use his park to its potential.

  9. Keeenan needs to get rid of his gross skinny stance.. Standard stance or get a bigger board. The other dude needs to stop being a pu55y and use his park to its potential.

  10. Dat second nigga a Shaun White lookin mug

  11. You are all mean. Respect the edits for what they are. If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  12. @the person who actually is nice, this is yobeat. don’t come to yobeat if you have something nice to say

  13. #SalomonboardWithCapitaShirt=NoFucksGiven

  14. To the person who is actually nice? Fuck You! Probably one of these kids mom, were not being mean were fucking inspiring these kids to quit zeaching and buttering and waving there arms around and step their snowboard game up to the next level. I know this style and talent thing may seem a little strange to you, but its probably because they don’t sell it at big 5 unlike your snowboard. No place for nice people in the world just ask Syria theyd gas your happy ass so fast, and if u don’t go to Syria and I ever see you in Tahoe im gna spray you

  15. ewalds using a old capita board thats classic camber remember dat

  16. the first dude has alll the basic tricks on lock

    and what ever happened to people doing things switch? other than cab 1s and 2s of course

  17. Thanks for proving my point little kitty cat Steve.

    BTW you can’t pick up an IPP at the big 5.

    Have a nice evening.

  18. Keenan, great edit dude and tricks but don’t put the same trick twice in one video.

  19. Ewald is the ambassador of kickyerassador

  20. Johnny has that non-flacid typa arm steez. dem arms breh! they stay locked like blom blom blom. Kennran is that close stanced kinda dude helicopter spins and guitar playin motorcycle drivin hippie. yeeeeeee..

  21. only one pretzel? i thought canada was land of the pretzels…

  22. I was a nice change to see someone ride smooth doing simple tricks. you don’t see that any more. all you see is 270 this and 270 that or 180 this or triple cork that. Least the first kid had good style.

  23. The second kid went to the end of the rail on maybe 2 tricks

  24. I think I’m mostly just bitter that the first guy used one of the best park rail setups in the history of snowboarding to do an elaborate combination of regular footed 50-50’s and boardslides……

  25. did john film and edit that by himself or is his filmer just lazy?

  26. didn’t even watch, fuck john just because of his sandbox helmet

  27. why is this site 90% rails? only one of these dudes hit a jump and did two tricks a 12 year old girl could do better. rails are alright, but how about some variety..

  28. Ewald, his style is on point. None of that arm flailing huck your guts bullshit.


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