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Boring Product Review: The Burton Malavita Bindings

With all this new gear coming out, how are you going to know what to get? Well fear not, I have taken a completely technical, and boring-as-shit approach to this review and I know you guys will find it helpful.

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Comments (13)

  1. in Justin we trust

  2. does jeff holce know you stole his tampax pads?

  3. Your a douche bag, shitty review.

  4. Contact Pros look like cheap plastic toys compared to these.

  5. So do Wings really do anything anyway?

  6. You need to attach the straps to two opposing trees and let the bindings hang in between before you can sit in em, you dumbass!

  7. @ that guy… Hate to get all nerdy, but them bitches work. First time i noticed an actual difference in my riding from a pair of bindings. I noticed with the wing it helps with presses, but more than anything, i noticed it helped a ton with quick spins like back 3 off and on’s. Sounds weird, but it really helps “grab” your leg and let you chuck that shit around. Ever since then i will only ride shit with a wing.

    this has been talkin tech with upstatemike brought to you by Dunkin Donuts.

  8. I would rather eat dog food and drink water out of a dish that ride this binding.