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Yobeat’s Top 10 Colleges for Snowboarding

shredcollege You should remove your tassle before snowboarding, college boy. Tommy Gesme is a bad example. photo: Danny Kearn

So the Ski Channel put out a list of the top ten schools for skiing and snowboarding and we were going to just reblog it and call it good, because it is one of our most frequently asked questions. But alas, their choices are pretty damn terrible. So, to insure that none of you (who we’re sure also frequent the for some reason) go to Oregon State (3 hours from the mountain) vs Portland State (1 hour and 15 minutes from the mountain) or any other their other bad calls, here’s our list. Warning: academics is not high on our list of requirements, but you’ll get a grade A education in snowboarding. Click on each to see our reasoning or just go through the numbers to read them all (we figure it you’re going to college you can read, but if not, they each have a video too.)

1. University of Utah
2. Plymouth State College
3. University of Nevada- Reno
4. University of Vermont
5. Montana State University
6. Western Washington University
7. UC Boulder
8. Portland State University
9. Middlebury College
10. UMN- Duluth

If you know, you know.
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Comments (88)

  1. You can be retarded and get into plumouth all you need is to not fail the SAT

  2. Could of given this article a little bit more effort.

  3. very accurate statement about bolton. i only go there at night and while i’m half in the bag…and it is always awesome.

    ps…go to community college and save yourself the 20 years of debt!

  4. I’ve been waiting a long time for the Snow Bowl to be mentioned on Yobeat, if you’re ever in the area on a powder day there’s no better place to go

  5. Not to mention UVM has sick hills to longboard down and mad kids to sell wax to. Just an all around perfect place.

  6. Castleton definitely could have held its own place on this list. We have a campus park, about 10 features, flat bars, boxes, hand rails, a wall ride, wooden drop-in, corrugated. The park is lit at night, and we’ve held movie premier’s/after party’s the past 3 seasons with the likes of Darkside, Redbull, Killington, Voleurz, Never Summer. We are 30 min from Killington. 45-50 min to Okemo.

    I won’t blab on, but show us some love Brooke! Plus it would piss off the town folk of Castleton who hate our college, and give ’em one more reason to call us derelicts. They have an ordinance about skating in that town! (gave us the excuse to get a skate park built on campus, but the angry old people still suck)

  7. Its Montana State University in Bozeman not UoM

  8. St mikes has a pretty big pre season rail jam, and like an obscene amount of money to spend on the club that is free to enter. Yobeat sent us free shit once, so yea it was pretty chill.

  9. I would like it be shown in the record that Justin went to UVM… Am I the only one amazed by this

  10. Canada?
    UBC, SFU, UBC-Kelowna, Calgary
    All better than lots of those listed

  11. WVU and Pitt kill it too. Lehigh isn’t too far off from Big Boulder either.

  12. App state is a minute drive from App Ski Mtn, honorable mention… and it’s not in the middle of bumfucknowhere like West Virginia.

  13. Good thing Western State isn’t on the list. Trust me, Californians, it sucks. Don’t come here…

  14. Colorado Mountain College
    The steamboat springs campus has a snowboard business program, and there’s also a campus in Breck.

  15. Cortland state in NY a true diamond in the ruff…

  16. I think the list is referring to Oregon State’s Bend campus (30 minutes from Bachelor).

  17. Sierra Nevada !!! team harvard went there… COCARD… COCARD.

  18. It’s Montana State University, not University of Montana-Bozeman.

  19. What about Westminster? Westminster has a snowboard team and you get a free resort pass. Just as close as the U of U is to the mountains, and there is a shuttle that all of the riders can take up to the mountain.

  20. You forgot to mention the Flame nightclub in Duluth. That’s where Stephen finds the biggest trannys

  21. Stephen told me the biggest tranny’s are behind the Flame in Duluth

  22. You wont put NMU on the list… you’re too soft

  23. PSC SNOWBOARD CLUB was the reason I went to Plymouth.

  24. Honestly. Duluth is the place to be. 3 ski hills within 20 minutes of campus. One being Mont Du lac with the fastest tow rope in the Midwest. And the most spots a city could possibly have. Plus on an average winter you’re gonna see snow at least once a week in the later months and snowstorms in April. Plus the women are spoice. If you’re trying to go to a school where you will most definitely board every day and probably film a pretty hammer part, UMD should be #1 or #2 on the list.

  25. the university of washington at seattle should be at the top of any list

  26. For Grad school, I go to Vermont Law School. never been out east, just moved to VT for law school from Tahoe and its pretty sweet. Killington and Sugarbush are real close and have super fun parks!! 25 min to killy, 45min to the bush. shreducation!

  27. Just to refresh, Oregon State is in Corvallis, University of Oregon is in Eugene. There is also Western Oregon University, and Warner Pacific College, which is the closest I believe. But either way go somewhere else. The lift systems are already to crowded here! Thanks!

  28. Western State Colorado University, 30 mins from crested butte and 40 from monarch…

  29. UofM may not be on here but snowbowls the shit on a pow day, Bozeman does trump however

  30. give the gravedi99er a humpday Kevin Court is the future

  31. WOw….. Northern Michigan University should be in the top 5 at leasttt


  32. How could you forget Smuggs?

  33. Colorado mountain college in steamboat! I’m in the dorms and we
    are 10 minutes away from the resort

  34. Psu is 2 hours for big boulder and 7 springs and has a small hill 10mins from campus

  35. Western State Colorado University is wayyy more sophisticated than most of this other junk… YoBeat didn’t do their research. Surprise, surprise…

  36. How about Western State Colorado University. Dumb name good school. Crested butte, Telluride, Wolf Creek, Monarch, Silverton and thousands of acres of backcountry at your doorstep. Plus its almost community college cheap. Or it was when I was there.

  37. for the east coast umass amherst is always forgotten. pretty good school ,hour from mt snow and its a huge party school

  38. Westminster College is blocks from the University of Utah and has a snowboard team…?

  39. CU Boulder? Yeah fucking right its almost two hours to the resorts

  40. Cal State San Bernardino if you want to ride Bear.

  41. Blowing it having Sierra Nevada College as an alternative to UNR and not at/on the top of the list.

    Here’s some actual courses you can take for credit: Summer Internship at SGT in Bariloche Argentina, that’s 2 weeks of backcountry booter shredding in July. During regular school year in Tahoe: Freeriding 111 (not kidding), backcountry skills 229. Snow Science is a also a real course.

    They have the only 4 year degree in Ski business in the country, 8 consecutive USCSA championship snowboard team. The business Program is run by the former 17 year president of Kirkwood.

    On good snow days you can literally shred to school from the local resort, hitting wood rails that have been heavily filmed from Neoproto to Standard and everything in between. Or drive 5 minutes up the highway and hike famous lines off the side of the road like Rippey Rock and build jumps on the ridge. No other school comes close.

    Only ride park in Tahoe Brooke? You’re putting the high in higher education. Ever been to Squaw/Alpine/Sugarbowl/Kirkwood/Sierra on a pow day? On top of that some of the best parks in the country are also less than 30 mins away, Northstar, Boreal for night riding, Heavenly is 40 mins out.

    When the 80 gets shut down due to snow control and UNR gets cut off from the mountains SNC kids are hotlapping 1 of 15 Lake tahoe resorts. Granted there’s some great rails down in Reno, but when there’s that much fresh snow you should be getting slashy. In the words of the great Ferris Bueller; it is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

    on Second thought Tahoe is blown out enough as it is. Stay on the Ice coast and get a wicked pissah edjacation at Plymouth. Goggle tans and spring break san fran-bimbos are the worst don’t believe the hype.

  42. @shreducated must have a college degree holy shit a lot of effort went into that comment

  43. Brooke, it’s Plymouth state university* changed a few years back.

  44. Brooke you’re gonna “reblog and call it good”?!? From the ski channel?!?! You’re a bigger ass-clown than I thought! UNR number one for sure. Hookers, gambling, 24 hour drinking, and they just passed a law recognizing medical weed cards from every weed state. Closest university to Tahoe. Game over. Go fuck yourself.

  45. You shouldn’t have used me for rolling papers stan

  46. Why does everyone think keep the change is based out of plymouth. Its false

  47. Because that’s where it all started ^

  48. You can catch trappin on I-70 hard then a mug. AWD+Boosted bruhhhh…Foreal though shout out to the homies in Boulder

  49. wat r these c0llages you are all speakin aboot?, 40 best collages maek no cents

  50. well how about the kids stuck in the midwest! at NMU we only have to drive 5 min. to shred (granted we have no ropes) Mt. bohemia is 3 hours away , which has some of the most insanely fun backcountry and powder in the midwest. Theres also mt.ripley which only 2 hours away. not to mention the insane amount of urban rails. we get over 300 inches of snow a year, so im not complaining either way. only 4 hours from Duluth as well!

  51. Ski Resort Operations & Management Program at Selkirk College in Nelson BC, Canada – best of both worlds, work and shredding. Travel and learn at the same time, while shredding epic Whitewater’s powder, you can’t beat it. Highly recommend it!

  52. Im 14 and i got into plymouth.
    Just saying i have downs…

  53. There’s some liberal arts school like 6 minutes outta portland, and like an hour or whatever away from hood that you can take snowboarding/skiing as a “PE” credit or whatever the fuck that school shit means, another choice would be parkour, so two ups…

  54. East Stroudsburg University all day, great party school and really accessible to a lot of mountains like Big Boulder and Camelback in the area. Definitely the top school for anyone stuck in the mid-atlantic to get a lot of days riding in and a low tuition

  55. University of Utah was the school I went to for the snowboarding, but it turned out they also offered a decent education. Super easy to get into, though. They also offer decent scholarship for out of state students with good grades.

  56. should really have UBC, UBCO, and UofC on here!

  57. Well you Fucked it up this time yobeat!

  58. With Vail’s recent acquisition of Eldora, I’m really hoping to see some park funding because they apparently don’t even have a park crew at all. The last time I was there was maybe 08 and they had like, c boxes and non urban down rails. I’m trying to get some fools out there to make the first ever watchable edit from Eldora. It might take a year or two tho 😉

  59. Way too many trustafarians at UVM. Finding someone else who isn’t a total bag of dicks and snowboards a lot is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Or at least it was when I went.

  60. whattttt? no Colorado Mountain College Campus’!


    its not a good school for snowboarding its a snowboarding school, and cheaper than anything on that list. They teach Ski and SNowboard business! Resort management!

    and then transfer up to bozeman after the 2 years is up

  61. who the fuck is posting as mikey reen faggot

  62. What about LYNDON STATE COLLEGE! I go to school for ski resort management, and shred 7 out of 7 days, over 100 days in the park. I know every liftie by first name, my teachers skip pow days just as much as the kids, and I know all my homies in the park. We have rails set up permanently at our school, and we our park designer always builds the best shit. Yeah you guys may have bigger schools, you may have a bigger mountain, but you sure don’t have as good as we do.

  63. @attentionyobeditors Vail didn’t acquire Eldora – do some research it’s the same deal they have with Abasin. They still run the mountain entirely.

  64. You forgot URI walking distance to yawgoo valley…

  65. Maybe if you got all 27 single girls in Marquette to email brooke she’d agree to put NMU on the list

  66. University of British Columbia, Whistler and surrounding mountains… duh?

  67. My homie riff raff doesn’t go to school he just buys one.

  68. PLYMOUTH STATE: its full of drugs booze and dirty skanks. plus you can ride at the dopest mts in the north east. Went there for 5 years now I have holes in my brain and I have no cartilage left in my nose!!!!

  69. It’s Plymouth State University.
    We have some really intelligent students here, and if you we here you can’t tell me you wouldn’t skip classes every once and a while to hit the slopes.

  70. Who cares… Nothin better then ITT tech for the scooter scene. Not to mention the night life, Fuck you devry.


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